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Weaver helps inspire a character in upcoming Disney+ film ‘Clouds’

Science teacher Andrew Weaver inspiries a character in the movie
Bella Godfrey, Online Editor November 8, 2020

Science teacher Andrew Weaver has a character based on him in the upcoming film “Clouds”, which is being released Oct. 16 on Disney+ about the inspirational life of former graduate Zach Sobiech....

English department welcomes Granger Taft

The new English teacher Granger Taft talking in front of the classroom having a discussion on animated movies to get to know each other more. This show Taft's personality as a fun teacher that bonds and connects to his students.
Karley Rydeen, Distribution Reporter November 7, 2020

The school recently added a new member to their English team, Granger Taft, who teaches English 9. Taft taught at Dakota Hills Middle School and Park High School for a few years before joining Stillwater....

Superhero, more like school nurse

School nurse, Deb Hammergren, in her at home office all set up for another days work as a Covid-19 triage nurse.
Mackenzie Chang, Online Editor November 7, 2020

  “The most difficult part of this job is hearing the heart breaking stories from families. In my new role, I work as a resource for these families that need guidance,” school nurse Deb Hammergren...

Disney plus will be releasing Zach Sobiech ‘Clouds’ this October

Former student Zach Sobiech was the inspiration for the upcoming move 'Clouds', which premiered on Disney + Oct. 15.
Macy Gonnion, Online Editor October 29, 2020

“You don’t have to find out you're dying to start living,” 17 year old Zach Sobiech said. At the age of 14, this Oak-Land Junior High School student was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare type of...

C-day, 100% online learning effects remote learners

Junior Madeline Stricker learns from home. Although she is enrolled in the B-day hybrid option, she learns from home three days a week on platforms like Schoology and Zoom.
Nissa Wilcox, Layout Editor October 28, 2020

For the 2020-2021 school year, students have a new option called C-day, a 100% online learning option to reduce social interactions with other students to prevent COVID-19. Although C-day students have...

Rish addresses equity issues surrounding community

Cultural liaison Cornelius Rish is currently his first year in the Stillwater school district and he is adjusting to the current situation of equity and diversity at SAHS. Rish will represent the BIPOC student community and coach teachers on new learning curriculums to include more diversity.
Connor Quaderer, Podcast Reporter October 27, 2020

“I'm glad I'm doing the work I'm doing, but we're going to need a lot more of me in Stillwater. We're going to need many more people doing the work,” cultural liaison Cornelius Rish said as he talked...

Avid teacher returns back from Ecuador to teach in district

Brandon Maxwell, Amanda Maxwell, along with their children Owen and Amani Maxwell. This was taken while the family was horseback riding through the hills of Ecuador the past year.
Jay Lohr, Food Reporter October 1, 2020

“My experience in Ecuador helped me see even more how incredibly blessed we are to have access to the education available here.  I am more grateful than ever to have the opportunity to teach,” AVID...

COVID-19 creates new format for Chevals practices

The Chevals dance team at their competition last year, which was hosted by Kennedy high school. They are still waiting for details surrounding this season to be determined.
Abby Thibodeau, Layout Editor October 1, 2020

The Chevals Dance Team will practice this fall despite limitations due to the COVID-19 virus. While the performance dance season has been postponed, dancers have found a way to continue their training....

Bourne learns in nature

Bourne learns school in nature while also gaining important skills and making memories. The Conserve School is located on 1,200 acres of land so there is quite a bit to explore and learn about.
Rachel Duerr, Online Editor April 23, 2020

Everyone learns differently. Some people learn best in the classroom, others learn better physically doing what they are learning. For junior Emma Bourne, she took the route not commonly taken by high...

Planning the future through the essay

Junior Ava Shelton stands with principal Rob Bach, marketing teacher Debbie Drummerhausen and Stephanie Musgrove as she accepts her award from the essay contest.
Haley Nelson, Online Editor-in-Chief April 21, 2020

High school students get the question so many times about what’s next for them and what their future looks like. Money is one big thing that helps determine what the focus of your money is in the future....

Society’s hypocritical and insecure trait: judgement and comparison

The constant usage of phones everyday impacts the mental health of an individual. Social media, a shareable platform, can create a sense of low self esteem and self consciousness when comparing oneself to others.
Aarya Yang, Layout Editor April 2, 2020

Scroll. Like. Scroll. Like. Scroll… An eye-catching post appears. This post was not like the posts before. The elements of the post contain an emotional connection. It makes the conscience feel weaker....

Pete Kelzenberg uplifts community spirit

Olivia Bystrom, Field Reporter March 15, 2020

It takes a passionate person to make a difference in the world, and community member Pete Kelzenberg is a prime example of exactly the kind of person it takes. Afton resident and father of two, on...

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