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A German synagogue left to burn, no firefighters will come. Nov. 1938, similar attacks are being carried out across Germany on the night known as Kristallnacht. Last October the shooting of a synagogue in Pittsburgh shows that antisemitism is still present despite the defeat of Nazi Germany.

The only thing to hate is hate itself

Q.C. Ho, Editorial Cartoonist December 8, 2018

Late October, America watched as news of bomb threats to prominent Democrats and the shooting of a synagogue showed horrors we did not expect from Halloween. The antisemitism and hate Americans fought...

Cooks of Crocus Hill is a kitchen supply store with locations in Stillwater, St. Paul and Minneapolis. The stores are owned by husband and wife Karl Benson and Marie Dwyer. The store has been running since 1973.

Cooks of Crocus Hill welcomes community

Catherine Monty, Distribution Reporter December 8, 2018

With the holidays approaching, making meals seems to become a top priority. With families and loved ones to please and impress, cooks of the family need someone to show them how to bring out the best in...

Junior Abby Lee goes to get her yearly flu shot at her local CVS pharmacy. Flu shots are recommended to get at the start of the flu season, but can still be received until the end of theflu season.

Flu shot necessary to keep everyone healthy

Pony Express Staff December 5, 2018

Some say they are toxic, that they make people sick and are unsafe for people to get. Others say they are necessary and help keep individuals healthy. So what do flu shots really do for us? Flu shots...

It is a relatively quiet day at Leos. Downtown Stillwater customers dine and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Downtown Stillwater businesses should appeal to all age groups

Michael O'Gorman, Business Editor December 3, 2018

Businesses in downtown Stillwater could grow their profits by appealing to all age demographics.  Downtown Stillwater businesses have a past of struggling to stay open.  Businesses such as Pub 112, Smalley's...

Community members enter the Alamo movie theatre

Bohemian Rhapsody worth the money for Malek, Sing-Along

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief November 27, 2018

In yet another stellar Hollywood portrayal of the gay community, the new Queen biopic felt slightly more like a sit-down concert than the hard hitting film on Mercury's experiences that it so desperately...

Bumblebee film release has audience buzzing

‘Bumblebee’ film release has audience buzzing

Nick Parent, Podcast Reporter November 20, 2018

The new movie Bumblebee from Transformers comes out Dec. 21 and it has people buzzin'. This will be the seventh movie related to the Transformers series. This features the famous well-known character Bumblebee,...

Freshman Adrianna Garcia reads To Kill a Mockingbird.  She could perceive the same novel very differently in a few years, because of a gain in knowledge and experience.

Perception of novels changes over time

Antonio Garcia, Distribution Reporter November 20, 2018

The concept of perception is something that dictates every life on Earth. Perception affects how one interprets something, which leads to an opinion of that particular thing. An individual's perception...

The standard calendar shows nine months out of the total 12. In these nine months there are six federal United States holidays that take place. Of the nine months, the first five shown are the ending months of most school years and four nationally recognized holidays take place.

School calendars not religiously biased

Paige Speedling, Distribution Reporter November 20, 2018

 The school calendar is not religiously biased toward Christianity. Public schools all across the country have to make decisions based on many different and sometimes difficult factors, when they...

Immediately aafter recieving their pocket Constitutions, many of the fifth-graders at Andersen Elementary dove straight into the document to check it out. When asked why it was important to have documents like the Constitution, one student responded that I think theyre mostly to keep us civil and not in chaos!

EIC Column: Afton Lakeland Elementary demonstrates civic efficacy

Hannah Sween, Print Editor-in-Chief November 17, 2018

As his class flipped through the brand new pocket constitutions they had just received, one boy recited the preamble to their very own Constitution, “We the P.I.E.sters, in order to form a more perfect...

Across the country, juniors and seniors prepare to take the ACT, such as junior Haakon Bjork. The competitive nature of the test has created many means of trying to get a better score: apps, books/booklets, and classes.

Students take ACTion, ACT prep course offerings

Elise Truman, Online editor November 17, 2018

  An all-out academic battle, where only the strongest survive, and even fewer thrive. The ACT is a standardized test that the majority of the midwestern and southern students take during their...

Runner Elizabeth Campbell, brings Hydro Flask to cross country practice with cold water beverage, to feel refreshed after her run.

Hydro Flask water bottles introduce new hydration systems

Paige Sanders, Photographer November 16, 2018

Keeping water cold on a hike across the mountains, or keeping hot chocolate hot while playing in the snow is everyone's goal to accomplish. A new bottle, the Hydro Flask, is famous for its insulation...

A students search for chemistry help guides them to a Youtube account. The search features one of the most popular educational Youtube accounts, Crash Course.

Youtube, educational ally in classrooms

Paige Speedling, Distribtion Reporter November 12, 2018

All over the United States Youtube has been an educational ally. Youtube lets people upload entertaining, educational, informative, or just really interesting videos. A large number of videos on Youtube...

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