Tin Bins: unique environment provides cozy study place

February 13, 2017

Downtown Stillwater is full of restaurants and cafés where a lot of students love to spend time. For so many Stillwater students these places provide a great local place to hangout or study.

One of the more recently popular cafés is Tin Bins, “I really love working there, it’s nice to have so many different personalities and is a good environment for students in need of a place to work,” junior Emily Fiorillo said.

Tin Bins is located by the St. Croix river and in the Commander Building, one of the most notable historic structures in Stillwater. With its convenient location, delicious menu and coffee assortion it’s perfect for Stillwater students to spend time after or before school.

I like the environment, it’s very calm and relaxing and also one of the only places I can actually focus and get my work done. I like that it has a lot of seating in various places and it’s quiet so people can do whatever they need to get done without having to hear the loud coffee machines or kitchen.”

— Sofia Johnson

Students like sophomore Ellie Fedorowski and junior Sofia Johnson visit Tin Bin’s often for various reasons, which includes the fact that their close friend Fiorillo also works there.

“I come once a week or so, it’s usually pretty quiet and working with friends also seems to help me study so this is just a good place to do it,” Fedorowski said. “I go probably two or three times a week depending on what type of work I need to get done and with extra time in my busy schedule,” Johnson said.

The location of Tin Bins is one of the many reasons for its recent gain of popularity, with downtown being filled with so many local students in need of a place to work or spend time at with friends through the school year.

“It’s nice to have it in downtown Stillwater. It’s so close and in the summer it’s nice to be next to the river,” Fedorowski said.

“I think the location really adds to the amount of business we get, being downtown is easy for anyone to really come to and busy with so many people roaming around through nearby stores,” Fiorillo added. “I see a lot of people there that I know and I think it has defiantly became more popular this year,” Johnson said.

Students use Tin Bins mostly as a good place to complete their school work while also being out of the house and ability to have the fun at a local cafe with friends.

“I like the environment, it’s very calm and relaxing and also one of the only places I can actually focus and get my work done. I like that it has a lot of seating in various places and it’s quiet so people can do whatever they need to get done without having to hear the loud coffee machines or kitchen,” Johnson explained.

Tin Bins has definitely gained in popularity this year and will continue to with the gain popularity with more students continuing to go.

Johnson said, “I’ll of course continue to go and bring more friends of mine to work with that I’m sure will like it there just as much as me.”


6 Responses to “Tin Bins: unique environment provides cozy study place”

  1. Bella Anderson on February 28th, 2017 11:03 am

    I really enjoyed reading this story. I personally enjoy going to Tin Bins and this article shared many great things about it. It is very heavy on quotes, but it is interesting. I liked all of the reasons about why students go there. Good job!

  2. Jared Dean on March 27th, 2017 4:06 pm

    This story was very well written, I liked how you got quotes from an employee to show a different view of Tinbins. The quotes worked well with the story and helped to add to the reasons for the popularity of Tinbins and some of the different aspects of the cafe.

  3. Mariah Marsnik on March 27th, 2017 7:55 pm

    This caught my eye because I can relate to it! I like the quotes in this article because they help the reader really understand that Tin Bins is a great environment to hangout and do homework. I also like that Ally described why the location of the cafe helps its success. I’m glad that Tin Bins is getting more popular! It would have been fun to read more about popular items on the menu, but overall it is a good article!

  4. Ryan Berg on March 27th, 2017 9:23 pm

    I like how you give specific reasons why this restaurant is popular, like the location and the fact that its quite. You also have good quotes to back up the facts, very cool story.

  5. Josh Bauer on March 28th, 2017 8:53 am

    Great well written article, people who worked there where interviewed so it was very well prepared. This article was very formative which really helped add to the whole article.

  6. Valerie Silbernick on March 28th, 2017 1:48 pm

    Really good article with good quotes. Uses good writing technique which draws people in and makes me want to try out this cafe. I also like the different things you can do and get out of this cafe. Very good article.

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