Terrorism, reflecting on the past

September 28, 2016

Press photo from http://www.scoopnest.com/user/ABC/667359684907638784
Press photo from http://www.scoopnest.com/user/ABC/667359684907638784

15 years later and the tragic attacks on Sept. 11th, 2001 are still on the minds of Americans across the nation. But since that day there have been many attacks, even on U.S. soil. Some have been worse than others but all the sadness still lingers. Most people think that terrorism is to much to handle and it can’t be controlled, but the simple answer may be to unite.

More recently terrorism has been an issue for European countries as well as the U.S. From the attacks in Orlando, Florida, to the attacks in Paris, France, the result has all been the same, nations in shock, people stricken with grief and sorrow. It is very difficult to combat something and someone who wants your way of life destroyed.

On Nov. 13th, 2015, a group of attackers targeted several locations in Paris, France, including the Stade de France, Café Bonne Biere, and many more. With a total of 130 dead and hundreds more injured the entirety of France was in a state of panic. Soon after the president of France declared a state of emergency and the French border was shut down. The event was frightening for most of the world. More specifically those who had friends or family members in France during the month of November.

French teacher Jo Dougherty had host family members, whom she had known since she was 16 years old, living in the suburbs of Paris that tragic day. “Their safety was my main concern. I hoped that they had stayed home and were away from the city. I tried emailing them and I knew  they didn’t respond very fast but the waiting to know that they were alright was the hardest part.” she said.”They told me that the weeks following the attacks, Paris wasn’t the same.”

With constant airstrikes and bombings sent to target the horrible people that commit these acts of violence, it calls into question if these measures are actually working. According to Time magazine, while 74 percent of all deaths due to terrorism were in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, or Syria, as a whole terrorism has declined. Figures compiled for the State Department show there were about 11,800 attacks in 2015. A 13 percent decrease than the year before.

They told me that the weeks following the attacks, Paris wasn’t the same.”

— Jo Dougherty

Terrorism has had some decline recently but it’s still around, and bombings and air strikes are not going to make it go away in a flash.  What has to happen is that people need to unite. Unite against a common threat to our way of life. A solid plan needs to be formed to deal with this threat.

Looking back on these attacks is difficult, but a good learning experience. It is also essential for improvement. After the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, security, especially in airports, increased drastically. From the creation of the TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, to such changes such as taking off shoes at security checkpoints and banning certain liquids, things have certainly changed. But the changes have been for the better.

“Remembering these attacks is important because they are essentially a part of history.” said junior James Framke.

While the world sits and waits for the next terror attack, people are starting to realize that more can be done. Face it, airstrikes are not going to cut it for long. What can be done is one of the only things that seems to ward off evil, unity and hope. We cannot let forces of evil and terror take away our way of life and our freedoms.


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