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Microsoft Surface Book surges into market

December 6, 2015

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People rely on laptops and tablets everyday.  They are used to take notes, send emails, communicate and stay connected. Companies are forever trying to produce a tablet than can replace  laptops and a laptop that can replace tablets. Microsoft has continued to create cutting-edge tablets that can perform tasks that are carried out by laptops and desktops. Until now.

In October, Microsoft opened the sales of their very first laptop: the Microsoft Surface Book. Many people believe that Microsoft has been making laptops for years. Microsoft creates the Windows operating system. Windows is software that runs the computer. Laptops made by other companies, such as Asus, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, run Windows software. Microsoft’s line of Surface tablets also run Windows. Now Microsoft has joined Apple in the ranks of top-notch laptop producers.

The Surface Book is Microsoft’s most powerful device yet. Unlike the line of Surface tablets, The Surface Book has a real, solid keyboard. The Book’s keyboard has a magnesium frame and includes a massive glass track pad. This track pad has fiver-finger contact recognition capable of performing many tasks in the new Windows 10 software. The retina display of the Book has a much higher resolution than its competitor, the Macbook Pro. Similar to the Surface, the Book’s touchscreen can detach from the keyboard body.

Tech Radar employee Kevin Lee said, “The Surface Book not only brings technological advances to the table, but it is an all-around terrific laptop.”

Microsoft and companies such as Apple are often portrayed as rivals. This common misconception could not be more false. Microsoft does not make netbooks, powerful laptops, or gaming devices. They are famous for their flagship software, Windows. The newest version, Windows 10 Pro, is run on by most new laptops. Companies like HP, Dell, and Asus made the physical devices, or hardware. These companies rely on the software Windows to run the laptop.

The Surface Book not only brings technological advances to the table, but it is an all-around terrific laptop.”

— Kevin Lee

This relationship is similar to that of the makers of Call of Duty and the makers of the Xbox. Activision makes the game, and it is run on the Xbox gaming device. Microsoft relies on these companies to make laptops that people will use. Then, they hand the baton to Microsoft to make a software that will run the computer. If nobody made laptops, Microsoft would have a tough time selling Windows operating systems. If Microsoft decided to stop updating their software, nobody would want to buy laptops.

Apple producers also like Microsoft. Although Apple makes their own software for their laptops, users can opt to download Windows also. The operating system that comes pre-installed on all MacBooks is Mac OS. Similarly to Microsoft, Apple continues to update and perfect their software. The newer the device is, the newer version of Mac OS will be installed. Apple doesn’t care what software you run on your MacBook Pro because you still bought the device. Microsoft and Apple both win.

Sophomore Cat Clemens said, “Microsoft and Apple work together. They are like friends.”

Microsoft is best known for their software and not devices. For the last half decade, Microsoft has made a series of tablet/laptop hybrids. The idea of a tablet with a physical keyboard was pioneered by Microsoft and became an icon of their ingenuity. The Microsoft Surfaces rose up to the ranks of their competition, the Apple iPad and MacBook. Apple makes the popular iPad tablet. This iPad has a touchscreen keyboard. Why Microsoft broke tradition and created a laptop is unknown but theorized by many technology experts.


Junior Eric Volkmeier said, “Microsoft is good at what they do. They do their own thing and that’s really cool. The Surface Book is an example of that.”

Microsoft’s Surface Book is sure to make waves. The powerful, touchscreen laptop is a revolutionary device that will change the Microsoft corporation and the laptop business.


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2 Responses to “Microsoft Surface Book surges into market”

  1. Kaitlin Bloom on December 31st, 2015 1:52 am

    Really good article! I had absolutely no idea Microsoft didn’t make laptops until now. This article had a ton of information, but it was presented very clearly and in an organized fashion so it wasn’t at all confusing. The links were particularly helpful, and I feel like I could confidently tell someone about the new surface book after reading this. I also really like the inforgraphic, I haven’t seen a venn diagram used before; very innovative!


  2. Christopher Gilleo on January 6th, 2016 8:11 am

    Great job. I understand this must have been very difficult to write, considering the Surface Book was not released when you were writing this. I am very impressed you managed find quotes about the subject.
    The infographic is also very well done. The comparison is clear and to the point, but not vague.
    My one suggestion is the “attention getter” is not that stunning. Other than that, very nice job!


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