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Prom dress Facebook groups necessary

The Facebook group titled “SAHS Prom Dress 2019” was established Jan. 13 by senior Hannah Sween. The group is open to anyone who plans on attending prom or that would like to sell used dresses.

Taylor Lee, Distributive Reporter

March 7, 2019

Dress Special Teenagers love prom, it is a fact of nature. They love getting their nails and hair done, picking out glitzy shoes, elaborate and very public prom proposals and most of all, they love having their own unique prom dress. Within the last decade, with the rise of social media, teenagers...

Hancock follows non-traditional career path

Photo courtesy of Hannah Hancock </strong><br />

Being a fire explorer is demanding, but that does not discourage her from wanting to continue on her path.

Parker Estenson, Advertising Editor

January 11, 2015

  High school students around the country view college as the next step in the "timeline of life".  In an attempt to get in their dream school, students are focused on raising their GPA and getting a good score on college admissions tests such as the ACT and SAT.  Senior Hannah Hancock's...

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