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Upcoming Earth Day expects to inspire environmental change

Students in science teacher Glenn Boettcher's wildlife course are currently growing plants in the school greenhouse. There is an array of environmental classes offered at the high school, even including an environmental club.

AJ Gunderson, Podcast Reporter

April 20, 2019

The state of the environment has been rapidly declining, due to issues surrounding climate change and ozone depletion. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it is critically important that we take action to resolve current environmental issues, while also recognizing what is already being done to r...

The Tesla Model 3, potentially not so electrifying

The Tesla Model 3, potentially not so electrifying

Nick Carlson, Field Reporter

April 28, 2016

Tesla revealed their fourth car the Model 3 with visions of it bringing revolutionary change to the auto industry. Despite high hopes, the Model 3 will not achieve these envisions because it will not appeal to the mass market and business problems will hinder production and consumer purchase. Tesla‚...

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