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Trump supporters outraged about feeling like minorities

Trump supporters outraged about feeling like minorities

Craig Sanislow, Layout Editor

November 29, 2016

In the wake of the nastiest presidential election the nation has ever seen, a social civil war has broken out. It's being fought in the streets, in the halls, and on the internet. Interestingly, at the root of argument is not the president or political parties, but respect, or more importantly,...

Nordic’s newest captain, Shad Kraftson

Every day after school, Shad drives his Subaru wagon full of teammates to the Lake Elmo park reserve where Nordic practice takes place. Shad has perfect attendance when it comes to practice. He is arguably the hardest working on the team, putting in more hours than anyone during the off season. Shad doesn't talk loudly or direct the team, instead he leads silently, and he has earned the respect from his team so that they follow his lead.

Craig Sanislo, Online Editor

December 14, 2015

  Junior Shad Kraftson is possibly one of the most dedicated athletes that Stillwater has seen in a while. This season, Kraftson made captain of the Nordic team, a rare feat for a junior. With his father, Torry, as the head coach and a national champion, he has been able to work on his skiing skills for most of his life. "My dad would carry me while he ...

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Shad Kraftson