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New drama ‘Breakthrough’ utilizes faith to recreate a tragic, but heartwarming story

The acting family of the Smith's partaking in daily prayer before breakfast. The first scene serves as an introduction to the main theme of faith.

Martin Kurle, Podcast Reporter

May 15, 2019

Set in Missouri in 2015, a boy faces impossible odds in a coma after spending 20 minutes at the bottom of a frozen lake. The new movie "Breakthrough," now in theaters, dives into the true story of Joyce Smith and her faithful belief of her son's survival. The new drama features Chrissy Metz, Josh Lucas...

Middle school students learn about holocaust from firsthand story

Eighth graders Berit Serle (left)  and Kennedy Tope (right)  had the exciting opportunity to have Fred Amram (middle) talk to their class about his experiences in the Holocaust.

Chas Morgan, Layout Editor

March 30, 2019

Eighth graders Berit Serle and Kennedy Tope from Stillwater Middle School had the opportunity in March to have Holocaust survivor Fred Amram talk to their class about his experience during the Holocaust. Amram grew up in Germany during the Holocaust and shared what it was like growing up Jewish in Hannover,...

Selah Clasen shares her faith in Jehovah’s Witnesses

Sophmores Selah Clasen and Madison Grayden pose at a sign on Saturday December 29 just outside of the Kingdom Hall where their community comes together to share their faith.

Sadie Heieren, Photographer

February 22, 2019

Freshman Selah Clasen is part of a religion called Jehovah's Witnesses. Being a part of it means sharing the religion with others and spreading the kindness in their community. Her religion has a great impact on her life. Jehovah's Witnesses is a Christian religion that is non-trinitarian, and is ...

School calendars not religiously biased

The standard calendar shows nine months out of the total 12. In these nine months there are six federal United States holidays that take place. Of the nine months, the first five shown are the ending months of most school years and four nationally recognized holidays take place.

Paige Speedling, Distribution Reporter

November 20, 2018

 The school calendar is not religiously biased toward Christianity. Public schools all across the country have to make decisions based on many different and sometimes difficult factors, when they add religion to the mix, things can get tricky. According to a poll, in the United States alone,...

Young life gains popularity

Photo courtesy Holly Ringsak. Young Life teens smile for the camera at Castaway camp.

Noah Ness, Read and Watch Team

May 7, 2017

Teenagers often find themselves forced to attend church by their parents, where they listen to pastors preach and have to sit still for an hour. Some may enjoy this type of worship, but for others, this  style of church is too boring. This can be especially true for teenagers, who are too old to...

Consumerism destroys true meaning of Christmas

Courtesy Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas, Print Editor-In-Chief

December 25, 2014

The idea of Christmas has drifted far from its true meaning and roots. It has turned into a cultural holiday of consumerism and materialism rather than its religious significance. The fact the religious ties to Christmas are often dismissed and replaced by the beliefs of spending and shopping in America...

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