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‘Hockey Moms’ shoots and scores in Stillwater

‘Hockey Moms’ shoots and scores in Stillwater

Rose Stoebner, Visual Arts Managing Editor

February 14, 2016

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 A Stillwater mom has come into the spotlight by starring in the new show "Hockey Moms". The show follows four different hockey moms: Angie, Shontel, Shay and Gwen. Hockey Moms airs Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. on 45 TV. Gwen Marty  is proud parent of two Stillwater kids: Truman Wojski, a 8th grade ...

Nails of a different color

Stephanie Nielsen, Fashion Blog Photographer

April 30, 2015

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Almost like magic, this trending new nail polish seems to detect your mood and change colors accordingly. Color changing nail polish is in style this spring. Some nails change with temperature when submerged in water and some change with the sunlight. They can be found in nail salons all around the co...

Student leaders selected to help incoming sophomores

Mathias Hoefferle, Distribution Reporter

February 12, 2015

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Coming to a different, rather big school can be scary. Stillwater Area High School’s newest student leaders are here to help. Recently selected was a team of 22 new student leaders consisting of sophomores, juniors and seniors. Although this team of student leaders each have their own differing qu...