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Stillwater Area High School eats free until December 31

The Nutrition Services team works together to provide meals to students. These meals are provided by the USDA, with no cost to students or families.

Sophia Arndt, Photography Editor

October 28, 2020

The Nutrition Services Staff work tirelessly to provide free healthy meals to the students and families of the Stillwater District. These meals are provided through the Congress approved United States Department of Agriculture grant that expires Dec. 31. As the deadline approaches, schools hasten to cement a pla...

Families express concern about Trump’s proposal to reduce free school meals

The lunch room supplies students with nutritious lunches, free or paid. Everyday, thousands of kids rush to eat their lunches and receive a break from learning all day, but with Trump's reduction of free meals, students could lose this opportunity.

Julie Xiong, Graphics Editor

November 28, 2019

Education is key to a successful life and career. The future of our society depends on the younger generations to make a change, therefore, proper nutrition must be provided. President Trump’s administration is considering reducing the number of students able to receive free lunches at school. The support and privilege ...

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