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Political views should not overrule environmentalism facts

Political views should not overrule environmentalism facts

Travis Jacobson, Social Media Reporter

January 3, 2017

Florida is going to sink into the ocean! So will California! The seas will overtake the land! The ice caps are melting into nothingness! This is the speech of radical environmentalists 30 years ago about what the climate would do today, or what they thought would happen by today. But, none of that ...

Pep-fest walk out starts culture discussion

The walk out that occured at the pep-fest sparked controversy. Students and teachers have been having meeting to discuss what can be done to resolve this.

Hannah Drake, Editor-In-Chief

November 11, 2016

Principal Robert Bach, Student Council leaders, Students Promoting Cultural Awareness (SPCA) leaders, and many concerned teachers met for the second time on Nov. 1 to discuss the values the school should hold close. This meeting happened because during the Chevals performance at a pep fest, Engli...

Photoshop takes away the truthfulness of a photo

Photoshop takes away the truthfulness of a photo

Lauren Feldkamp, Online Editor

January 14, 2016

With selfies rising in popularity this past year so has the extent people take for them. People will do anything to get the right picture, which urges some to go for the editing route. Transforming an image at a click of a button through an app that ranges from full facial reconstruction to ligh...

Halloween traditions for all ages

Pumpkin Picking with Charlotte Gale (left) and David Gale (right)! “Nothing is more fun than seeing all those happy faces,” Scheel said.

Karisma Vang, Social Media Editor

October 26, 2015

You know what time of year it is, when kids stay up all night running door to door getting their stash of candy for the next year. While many people are doing the traditional Halloween events, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and dressing up, are a variety of people doing other traditions. They may go trick or treating all night, but many st...

Building remodel impacts parking lot space

With trying to parking in the morning and and chaos of trying to get out the parking lot can get a bit crazy.

Madison Crain, Layout Editor

October 13, 2015

In two years the ninth graders are coming to the high school, the school and parking lot are getting a new look. The chaos of trying to park in the morning and the rush when school is over a school parking lot is a huge part of a school. Change is happening, the school is getting an upgrade whic...

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