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Trump’s Cabinet choices already worrying

Trump's Cabinet choices already worrying

Adam Johnson, Business Editor

January 9, 2017

President-elect Trump’s cabinet choices in the recent weeks have been controversial to say the least. Whether it’s appointing a blatantly sexist media executive to be his top adviser, appointing a medical doctor with no experience in government or housing as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, or appointing an opponent of environmental regulation to the hea...

Stillwater seeks approval for raising bees

Jordan Fulin, Team Lead Editor

October 16, 2014

The residents of Stillwater want to become a pollinator friendly community. There was a city council meeting regarding this concern on Sept. 16. The Honey Bee Club of Stillwater wanted a bill to pass that would protect the bees by requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to suspend the use of fou...

Supreme court needs to drop greenhouse gases issues

Photo by Quentin Ikuta </strong><br />Automobiles, on average, produce around six tons of Greenhouse gasses per year, according to CarTalk’s Adam Carolla. Greenhouse gas emissions are of rising concern due to the threatening nature of a global trend called global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions are constantly being emitted through burning fossil fuels, factories and even livestock. These harmful gasses are nothing to joke about, but everything to be aware of and take action on.

Quentin Ikuta

April 15, 2014

The Supreme Court needs to realize it can not handle every single problem on the earth. Now, the Supreme Court has decided to create legislation to try and re regulate the power and regulation capacity of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to popular belief that the power of the EPA is too great. The...

Obama attempts to control global coal-burning plants

Alex Pierson

November 27, 2013

President Obama is at it once again,  he is trying to control the coal-burning plants globally.  His goal is to reduce carbon emissions from these factories. It is a bad idea for Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to interfere with the coal burning industry. The original force...

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