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Creative Commons imagPresident Donald Trump denies involvement with Russia during his 2016 presidential campaign. He strongly urges Mueller to make the investigation findings public and looks forward to seeing the report.

Recent Trump investigation raises many questions

AnnaMarie Born, Business Editor March 29, 2019

Ever since the 2016 election, there have been allegations against Trump that he had communications with Russia. There have been several investigations, however, Mueller started up the biggest investigation...

New House of Representative for District 39B, Shelly Christensen. Christensen was elected in November and is excited to put her campaign platforms into action.

Shelly Christensen wins Minnesota House of Representatives seat by narrow margin

Matt Moore, Podcast Reporter December 7, 2018

Every vote counts. Voters hear that time and time again during the election seasons. Shelly Christensen, the new House of Representative for District 39B, knows this first hand. She defeated Republican...

Recent boycotts have powerful impact

Recent boycotts have powerful impact

Lydia Stannard, Social Media Reporter March 31, 2017

Since the Election in Nov. and the Inauguration in Jan., many people have been organizing protests in response as ways to express their outrage. Protests have ranged from full on marches to boycotting...

Seniors Hannah Harvieux and Ellie Smith join the rest of the Youth Republicans to watch and discuss the presidential debate at Harvieuxs house in the evening of Oct. 9. I love getting together with the club to watch the debates. My favorite part is being able to hear how my opinions/thoughts differ from other peoples, Harvieux said.

Hannah Harvieux gets involved with 2017 election

Hailey Buelow, Social Media Reporter November 6, 2016

With this year's election coming up, students in the school are getting just as involved as any voters out there. Every Wednesday morning in Debbie Drommerhausen's room, a student-led group called...

Infographic by Tiana Meador

Dangerous precedent set by government officials

Tiana Meador, Editor-In-Chief November 3, 2016

The infamous race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is coming to a close, and with that, the laws behind accurate voting representation has brought heat among many political leaders. A highlighted...

Lack of poll accuracy skews predictions for presidency

Lack of poll accuracy skews predictions for presidency

Carl Bohacek, Video Editor September 25, 2016

Clinton has got a huge lead! Trump rebounds! The race tightens! In this election the polls seem to change their mind once a week, but in the long run, these large, corporate media sponsored polls aren't...

Trumps poor policy worse than Clintons unlikability

Trump’s poor policy worse than Clinton’s unlikability

Adam Johnson, Buisness Editor September 25, 2016

With the elections coming up, Trump and Clinton are neck and neck.  With Trump's poor policy and debate skills, it will be Clinton's election to lose. Just after labor day, crucial polls were released...

Need for change in presidential candidates

Need for change in presidential candidates

Justin Hannasch, Print Editor-in-Chief October 22, 2015

  Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Ben Carson and even Kanye West? What does this billionaire, former First Lady, neurosurgeon and rapper have in common? They are all running, or wanting to run...

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