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Hockey Day glides into Stillwater

Hockey Day glides into Stillwater

Elise Luoma, Student Playlist Editor

February 9, 2017

The 11th annual Hockey Day Minnesota made a presence in downtown Stillwater. This event involves various games from high school, university alumni, college and professional hockey teams. It is broadcasted each year, and receives national coverage. Since 2007, the event has taken place in cities fr...

Stonebridge kindergartner and mom promote kindness

Photo by A. Matters.		Annie in front of the artwork her and her mother made. “Annie is a beautiful force. She has strong points of view,” Matters says about her daughter.

Emma Lowey, Copy Editor

November 16, 2016

  Kids are taught to be kind to others they meet from a young age, but not always to strangers. Few people, even in their adulthood, think of making a stranger's day better. This is where kindergartner Annie and her mother Alaya Matters stand out from the crowd. They have made it their ...

Coffee shops battle for best ‘study spot’

The iconic Commander building that Tin Bins is located in. The original tower was built in 1898 and is one of Stillwater most iconic buildings. “It makes the space really interesting and I think it’s utilized very well! The unique location, history and space combine to make it a staple in our community” Cat Clements says.

Payton Filipiak, Online Editor

November 6, 2016

Nothing goes together better than long nights of studying and a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. That combination can be found frequently at the many coffee shops in Stillwater. Coffee shops have become an increasingly popular place for students to study, both alone and in groups. Three of the most pop...

Construction impacts local businesses

Construction impacts local businesses

Evan Klein, Social Media Reporter

September 23, 2016

Earlier this year, the public found out that the new bridge spanning the Saint Croix River will not be completed until next fall. The delays certainly will not help traffic in downtown Stillwater, but it should give the city time to prepare for the change the new bridge will bring. By the end of construc...

Local strangers form connections

Local strangers form connections

Lily Marchan, Online Editor

February 23, 2016

All around us are strangers. A fleeting face passing by us, we look for no more than a second and then it is gone. The face forgotten and our lives continuing on our own winding path without thinking twice about that unfamiliar person who happened to be one step ahead in line, or sitting across ...

Vintage carriage rides reign in the visitors

Santa stands near his horses and carriage waiting for the next group to ride. Anyone from couples to families were welcome aboard. After each ride he asked,

Grace Donner, Photographer

January 14, 2016

Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop; that’s the noise you hear during the hometown holidays event when the horse-drawn carriages run by. They are filled with people from Stillwater and all over enjoying the holiday season. Downtown Stillwater hosted the event "Hometown for the holidays" to get people in the spi...

Parking fees will hinder the downtown experience

Infographic by Rhyan Biever

Holden Schafer, Copy Editor

May 13, 2015

Downtown Stillwater has long been known as a heavily active part of town, in which the foot traffic becomes more intense on the weekends and in the summer. Urban areas that show these characteristics will often times have parking fees, whether it be in parking ramps, lots or even just on the stre...

Water Street Inn puts on new addition

Sydney Kuball

April 15, 2014

A building in downtown Stillwater is much more than just a stack of bricks, it is a place where people come together and something that a small town takes pride in. There is meaning and history on every street, but change is always welcome.  Take a turn down Water Street and take a look at just that. The...

Revolutionizing health drinks

Revolutionizing health drinks

Charlie Haumersen

October 24, 2013

In 2011, the smoothie business was revolutionized in Stillwater. Nutrition Revolution was brought to downtown Stillwater by Julie and Patrick Van Buskirk. The business is a healthy smoothie bar and a health club led by a familiar coach. Nutrition Revolution owned and operated by the Van Buskirk’s...

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