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Bill Howlett leaves impact on community

Aside from being highly social and inviting, former assistant principal Bill Howlett was a huge outdoorsman. He loved fishing and hunting, and one of his happiest places was out on the fishing boat. “He liked the outdoors, I like the outdoors. So it was natural for us to talk about things like hunting or fishing- and we did spend some time fishing together on the boat. Actually we did have a lot of fishing outings together, where we would talk about hunting and our kids,” math teacher Darby Whitehill says.

Emmanuel Kamara, Social Media Reporter

February 19, 2017

Assistant Principal Bill Howlett passed away on Jan. 1 after a heroic battle with cancer. Howlett was loved and very helpful to everyone he came in contact with even if he didn't know them. He is now gone, but his memories left behind will never be forgotten. Howlett was very involved with the Stillwater...

Bill Howlett: remembering the smile that brought everyone together

Howlett (#62) had a strong will to live. What was most important to him was the relationships he held with his students, participating in school events and living in the present. A former administrator at many local schools, Howlett got every involved in sports. Donna Howlett, Howlett’s wife says, “There are even kids who remember him from Benilde St. Margaret’s where he started the girls hockey program, or Centennial, where he was the varsity volleyball coach- he really revamped program when they were in a slump.”

Tiana Meador, Editor-In-Chief

February 9, 2017

  "I was always amazed at how he knew so many kids names and he knew so much about them," English teacher Peter Shield said, while looking in front of himself as if trying to picture Stillwater's former Assistant Principal Bill Howlett. Howlett was the kind of administrator who was infa...

Lokai bracelets, a symbol of perseverance

Lokai bracelets are meant to help tell a story. “I feel like the bracelets are for teenagers and older, not only because of the sizes, but also I don’t think they would relate to the story behind them,” said Sophomore Lauren Hafner. The idea behind them is to balance one’s life and create peace.

Erin Lemanski, Photographer

January 14, 2016

Whether it be summer or winter, Lokai bracelets look amazing year round. These trendy bracelets are flying off the shelves with both boys and girls craving to own one of their own. The bracelets are designed to help keep one's life balanced and centered. Lokai bracelets have been around since ...

Howlett recovering, hoping to return by spring

Howlett recovering, hoping to return by spring

Robby Enright, Distribution Reporter

February 1, 2015

In the summer prior to the 2014 school year, Bill Howlett decided that he would have to step down from his position as a Assistant Principal in the White Pony Center so he could receive treatment for his cancer. Howlett is currently home recovering from his treatment and his absence from the school h...

Skyrocketing cost of cancer treatment is prohibitive

Joel Lange, Social Media Reporter

October 30, 2014

The cost of cancer treatments are on the rise. Patients need the costs to be lowered in order for them to stand any chance of survival. The most common cancers can cost around $23 thousand for initial treatment but can soar to $63 thousand by the time of death. With most of these families dealing wit...

E-Cigs pose threat to students

Graphic by Clara Ilkka

Christy Prust

October 24, 2013

Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-Cigs are gaining popularity as a healthier replacement to tobacco smoking. Containing no tobacco, E-Cigs work in the same way that nicotine patches and gum are used. While they are proved to aid adults in withdrawal from conventional cigarettes, the concern that E...

The patenting of human genes is immoral

The patenting of human genes is immoral

July 20, 2013

Technology is advancing at an astounding rate. With phone’s capabilities skyrocketing and computer technology breaking barriers more and more things are becoming possible. A recent proposal has been issued to the United States supreme court that calls for the patenting of human genes. The idea of it...

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