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Mindful Movement helps elementary classroom calm and recharge

Lake Elmo Elementary piloted Yoga Calm last year as a result of a Partnership Grant. This year, all district schools will practice Mindful Movement. 

Megan Baxter, Photography Editor

November 6, 2018

At Lake Elmo Elementary, classrooms are safe, welcoming and stress free because of the Mindful Movement that made its way into elementary school classrooms across the district. The Mindful Movement gives the opportunity for students to take a break, and recharge their minds and bodies throughout th...

Today’s generation deals with increased anxiety

Today's generation deals with increased anxiety

Tessa Rosa, Online Editor-In-Chief

May 12, 2016

 The future is now. In a culture that is so focused on preparing for future opportunities, parents are forcing their children’s plans to become more career centric. This is adding more stress to a student’s life to perform well in academics, this stress often leads to anxiety. Anxiety is becoming a...

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