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Seasonal Affective Disorder, more than winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder is largely due to a lack of vitamin D. It's especially common in states with long, cold winters, like Minnesota.

Dylan Foster, Field Reporter

February 10, 2016

Winter Blues The winter blues come and go for some, but are much more severe in others. Many people who live in the cold regions of the world can develop a condition in which too little sun can cause them to go into a depressive state. It often occurs during the winter months when people do not o...

District enables healthy eating

Photo by Katie Beedle </strong><br />Students and staff are limited in their lunch options and do not have much of a say in what they eat due to federal and state school nutrition guidelines and regulations. Many students bring their own foods for lunch each day because they do not like what the school offers or they are not familiar with certain foods such as whole grains.

Amelia Schneider, Copy Editor

October 2, 2014

Students are coming and going from the bustling cafeteria with their takeout from across the street. Burgers, salty fries, and sweet malts from the lunch line. Sound like today's typical lunchroom? Think again. Food that students and faculty are available to at Stillwater Area High School has c...

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Amelia Schneider