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EIC Column: terrible truths haunt TSA

EIC Column: terrible truths haunt TSA

Michael VanLieshout, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief

May 7, 2018

Why me? That is a question I ask myself when time after time I am randomly selected for a frisking at the hand of a Transportation Security Administration agent. What is the deciding factor that distinguishes who of the over 1.7 million Americans who board domestic flights in the United States each day? TSA i...

TSA should increase measures to prevent unwanted passengers

Alex Pierson

May 6, 2014

Within the last seven months, two children have managed to fly across the nation without an airplane ticket and were not stopped and questioned by airport security. Is the TSA taking enough caution to prevent children and other passengers from sneaking on to planes? In Oct.,  a 9-year-old boy snuck on ...

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