The Pony Express

Mason Lacy

Hi! My name is Mason Lacy, my pronouns are flexible, I'm a junior, and I'm a cartoonist for the Stillwater Pony Express. I participate in Prism, also known as our school's GSA; BSU or the Black Student Union, LINK crew, Drama club, and I also participate in AVID. I audition for whatever plays and musicals are around when I can, and I love the theatre community. I love to write, draw, act, etc.. Anything that involves the arts or getting into a free mindset. I'm open minded and my motto is "Everybody is a friend until they prove themselves unworthy of my time." I'm always around for my friends. I look forward to one day starting my career in acting and hopefully inspiring the world to be more open minded.

Mason Lacy, Editorial Cartoonist