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Arm knitting provides alternative to needles

Dan Gorman, Distribution Reporter


 Arm knitting is a method of knitting that many students have taken up as a hobby. The reason why this method of knitting is called arm knitting is because instead of using hands and sewing needles, people use their arms. This is a fun activity for people because it is not time consuming and it is fairly easy so anybody can do it.

Photo by Dan Gorman

Arm knitting is a hobby where knitters knit with their arms. You make things like scarves and blankets, arm knitting is a way for people to be productive during their free time. Arm knitting is more of a free time activity that you start up and finish within 30 minutes.

There is a catch to arm knitting: once you start your project you have to finish it because their is no way to hold it together if you take it off your arm.

Senior Danielle Nelson said, “You have to finish it, which is really no big deal because it only takes about 25-30 minutes to make.”

Arm knitting is a great hobby to get into, it is a fun thing to do when bored or while watching television.”I think people arm knit when they are bored and because some people are sensitive to pointy needles” junior Josie Ales stated.One thing great about arm knitting is that you do not have to use needles so you don’t have to worry about poking your fingers while trying to knit something. Junior Emmi Biggouette said, “Arm knitting is great because you don’t have to use needles and then you don’t have to worry about poking your fingers, which makes it easier and more fun.”

Photo by Dan Gorman

Photo by Dan Gorman, Arm knit scarves are the new popular accessory, they look good with anything.

The method of arm knitting is starting to become a new trend, and is much more fun and easier than regular knitting. If you have some yarn and some time to kill pick up the yarn and start knitting away, then you can go show your friends your new scarf or blanket that you just made.


 Sorel boots kickin’ since 1962

Marya Redmond, Team Lead


Photo by Anna Craggs

Photo by Anna Craggs 
Sorel boots are more practical than the fashionable ugg boots, Winkelman said, “There is no comparison to be made between Sorels and Uggs. Sorels are well-made, reliable, and durable. They will survive extensive wear and tear for years and still retain their quality, while keeping your feet warm and supported.”

       With winter finally, here winter outfits start showing up in the hallways. One of the fashion trends that is back is Sorel boots. These boots are super good for trekking through the snow but also for around school. They are extremely practical for the harsh Minnesota winters. Junior, Riley Lagness said, “ They are more built for the snow and they are more durable if you want to go snowmobiling.” These boots are great for all different activities and can also be worn fashionably. Many students find Sorel boots pair nicely with leggings and also skinny jeans. This brand of boot was made to survive it all, including the changing fashion trends. Sorel boots have been around since 1962, ._sorelsac1“The physical appearance of Sorel boots have changed drastically over the decades. The brand has keep up to date on current fashion trends, thus keeping their boots in style, while still retaining the original designs,” said Winkelman. Over the years the appearance has changed which allowed this company to continue thriving in the fashion industry. Although they have changed over the years they are still very reliable especially in comparison to its competitors. Sorel boots are more practical than the fashionable ugg boots, Winkelman said, “There is no comparison to be made between Sorels and Uggs. Sorels are well-made, reliable, and durable. They will survive extensive wear and tear for years and still retain their quality, while keeping your feet warm and supported.” 


Lululemon dominates the fashion world

Allie Langness, Editorial Editor



Lululemon is completely dominating the teenage fashion world. The company that was founded in 1998 in Vancouver BC has seen their sales soar over the past two years. The brand hardly has no reason or need to market because their logo is on almost everything the

Sophomore Summer Langness sporting Lululemon clothes. Junior Lauren Bernard said, “Lululemon is definitely the most expensive clothing brand that I have heard of. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for. If I had to rate some of the top brands, I would rate Lululemon as like a ten and Victoria’s Secret Sport as like an eight and Nike as like a five. Each company does certain things really well and Lululemon does almost everything really well.”

Photo by Allie Langness
Sophomore Summer Langness sporting Lululemon clothes. Junior Lauren Bernard said, “Lululemon is definitely the most expensive clothing brand that I have heard of. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for. If I had to rate some of the top brands, I would rate Lululemon as like a ten and Victoria’s Secret Sport as like an eight and Nike as like a five. Each company does certain things really well and Lululemon does almost everything really well.”

company produces.

The clothing is not cheap, but it is affordable for most. Teenagers from all over the country have pieces from Lululemon in their closets as well as adults.

Junior Lauren Bernard said, “Lululemon is definitely the most expensive clothing brand that I have heard of. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for. If I had to rate some of the top brands, I would rate Lululemon as like a ten and Victoria’s Secret Sport as like an eight and Nike as like a five. Each company does certain things really well and Lululemon does almost everything really well.”

Some would say that $80 for one pair of leggings is too much to pay, but most teenagers do not have to worry about that because it comes out of their parents’ pockets.

“I think over $120 is too much to pay for one item, but I guess that all depends on the item. If it’s a really nice jacket then $120 is cheap, but if it’s a t-shirt then that is way too much to pay,” said Bernard.

Lululemon is not expected to see a decline in sales anytime soon. In fact, they are expected to see a jump in sales over the next couple of years.

Lululemon dominates the teenage fashion world

Graphic by Allie Langness, Overview of Lululemon prices for a few of the most popular items.



Nike vs Adidas basketball: shoe edition

Madi Schoenecker, Social Media Editor


Nike dominates the basketball shoe market with well over 90 percent.  Within the last two or three years Adidas has become increasingly interested in the industry.  Adidas was founded in 1924 in Herzogenaurach, Germany while Nike was founded in 1964 in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.  True to their roots, Nike focused on the American market and Adidas focused on the European market.  Even now, Nike is the most popular in America.

Sophomore Claire Patterson said about her Nike Hyperdunks, “They give me good support. They are light so I can move fast. They are comfortable and they look cool too.”

Photo by Madi Schoenecker Photo featuring Nike Jordans, which along with many other Nike shoes are dominating the athletic shoe world. Patterson said, "A lot of kids who like Durant will be influenced by his decision. Adidas will probably always be second to Nike."</

Photo by Madi Schoenecker Photo featuring Nike Jordans, which along with many other Nike shoes are dominating the athletic shoe world. Patterson said, “A lot of kids who like Durant will be influenced by his decision. Adidas will probably always be second to Nike.”

The Hyperdunks use Flywire technology to lock the foot in place.  This provides support and stability while simultaneously removing excess weight.  These shoes also feature fibers stronger than bullet proof vests.


In 2007, Adidas offered Kevin Durant a huge deal.  He politely declined and chose to sign with Nike.  To this day, Nike remains his favored brand, and he is not quiet about it either.  There are hundreds of items pertaining to Durant for sale.

Patterson said, “A lot of kids who like Durant will be influenced by his decision.  Adidas will probably always be second to Nike.”

 Trending socks

Caitlin Rademacher, Activities Photographer



Socks are not just socks anymore. This simple accessory has become a way to keep your feet warm and now is a way to be expressive for many young girls.

Photo by Stephanie Nielsen Featuring Junior Isabel Day wearing knee high socks. “I like wearing knee high socks because they’re super comfortable and warm, and they look really good with skirts,” said Sluss.

Photo by Stephanie Nielsen Featuring Junior Isabel Day wearing knee high socks. “I like wearing knee high socks because they’re super comfortable and warm, and they look really good with skirts,” said Sluss.

Socks are being worn as a way to stay warm, but also as a fashion statement. These socks can be anything from stripes to having little reindeer for the holidays. Everywhere throughout the school girls can be seen sporting this trend.

Junior Claire Sluss is one of many students who are embracing the trend. “I like wearing knee high socks because they’re super comfortable and warm, and they look really good with skirts,” said Sluss.

These socks are thick and perfect for Minnesota winters, but have different varieties with many styles.

Junior Lauren Lindahl said, “The internet has a lot of influence and people will be like, ‘Cool, yeah I want those,’ and it just promotes the idea to wear them.”

The internet influences the current generation in many ways; one of which is fashion choices. When viewing websites, many have some form of clothing advertisement made to influence people to buy and imitate what they believe to be fashionable.

Sluss said, “My favorite pair are blue socks with pugs all over them, because my favorite color is blue and I have an obsession with pugs and socks. Plus they were a present from one of my best friends!”

Socks now come in different designs and lengths, making it simple to find a pair perfect for any personality.

Teenagers now have a way to  show their personality through unique socks which truly represent themselves.


Signs you dress like a hipster

Megan McGuire, Activities Online Editor


Hipster 1

Photo by Megan McGuire
Featuring junior Isabel Day wearing a graphic T.

Hipster 2

Photo by Megan McGuire
Featuring junior Hazel Eakman dressed as an average hipster.

Does your closet consist of mainly vintage clothing, graphic T’s, bold accessories, or skinny jeans? “Hipster” is a term that includes these characteristics, but many people have different opinions and definitions of what hipster fashion actually is.

The term “hipster” originated back in the 1940’s with people rejecting mainstream fashion and what culture was telling them to wear. Hipster fashion has evolved and the trend has grown with more and more people being considered “hipster.” Students at Stillwater Area High School are being coined with the term hipster but do not necessarily consider themselves “hipster.”

According to junior Lexi Wahlstrom, “being hipster is all about expressing your own idea of fashion and not being afraid to mix and match different types of clothes.”

Hipster clothing includes layering and mixing clothing styles then dressing them up with fun accessories like unique glasses, colorful headbands, and scarfs. Some people even throw on a beanie to express their sense of fashion. The shoes people wear also show a lot about someone’s style. Hipster fashion would include combat boots, Converse, Keds, and vintage shoes or flats.

“I don’t get offended when people consider me hipster, I just think it’s another label people put on fashion. I think hipster fashion is just people expressing themselves in a way that’s against the normal ways of society,” said junior Annika Anderson.

Hipster fashion consists of people keeping up with the latest trends and expressing not only their style but also themselves through trendy clothing. This trend has become increasingly popular and a big part of popular culture and fashion today.

Birkenstocks make a comeback into the fashion world

Madi Schoenecker, Social Media Editor



Photo by Stephanie Nielsen
Birkenstocks making a comeback in lives of high schoolers.

Birkenstocks are quickly becoming one of the most widely known shoe brands in America.  Most of 90’s fashion is making a comeback including this resurrected brand.

In the 1890s, Konrad Birkenstock, a German shoemaker, invented the arch support.  Over the next 50 years, Konrad and his son Carl spent their time refining it.  The arch support became known as “footbed supports.”  The shoes came to America by a woman named Margot Fraser in 1966.  Birkenstocks made their debut back into fashion in the Celine spring 2013 fashion show in Paris.

“They’re comfortable, but I think they’re overpriced for what they look like,” says junior Marissa Matchey.

The prices vary depending on the style.  Arizona sandals range from about $70 to $125.  Madrid starts at $49.99.  The Gizeh flip flops retail for $79.99.  It is not hard to find cheaper sandals.  For example, the classic flip flop at Old Navy can be bought for $2.50.

Senior Peace Sinyigaya said, “I don’t like what they are made out of or the outdoors look they have.”

Birkenstocks are in part, made of scraps of leather.  Leather is a material created using the rawhide and skin of animals, usually cows.  To get this material, the cows must be either killed or already dead.  Some do not believe in the killing of living things.

“I think Birkenstocks are popular because ugly things are making a comeback, like crocs.  Ugly is the new black,” says junior Celeste Tomlinson.

Crocs first came out in 2004 and were very popular for a couple of years.  In 2008, the company lost over $200 million due to the economic collapse.  However, crocs rebounded in 2011 by making over $1 billion.

Birkenstocks cost a lot of money compared to some other shoes and there is controversy over whether the comfort, if there is any, is worth it.  Sinyigaya explained, “I don’t think I would ever wear them.  They aren’t very stylish or comfortable.”


Fantastic Flannel Fashion

Sabrina Storms, Video Editor



Photo by Lucas Kurle
Bryce Bjorkman is just the average flannel fashionista.

The staple outfit for a lumberjack is a flannel but that stereotype is long gone as flannels are now in fashion for both genders. This is a rare occurrence. Usually male and female fashion staples are completely different. Flannels have been seen all summer and are expected to last into the fall.

In the summer, girls were seen wearing a flannel in many different ways, including wearing it over a crop top with shorts or simply tied around their waist with a skirt and a tank top. In the fall the flannel will be seen worn with leggings and boots, or over a girly dress.

Teen Vogue Magazine’s Marianne Dabir in an article stated, “If you buy one thing for fall. Make sure it’s plaid.” She added, “Whether you’re going for girly sweetness or tomboy cool, chic checks will rev up any outfit in a snap.”

Guys have been seen wearing flannel simply with jeans and tennis shoes. That staple, simple outfit is expected to last through the fall and spring.

Business Insider states, “ Flannel isn’t only for outdoorsy men.” They add, “It’s a versatile material that looks good whether it’s on shirts, outer wear, or cold-weather accessories. The more flannel the better this fall.”

As flannels continue to be seen in the fashion world, the simple shirt is being brought onto the street through mainstream stores.



Nose rings: a new fashion

Sam Hudachek, Social Media Reporter


Hannah Sutcliffe

Photo Courtesy of Sam Hudachek
Hannah Sutcliffe showcasing her hoop nose ring.

Fashion has changed recently in high school. Many older styles that were once lost are now returning. However, one fashion that is starting up is not new clothing or hairstyles, it is nose rings.

There are many different styles of nose rings. The L-shaped, bone, screw and fishtail are just a few of the many kinds that people can get. They can be attached to different parts of the nose as well, including the nostril, upper nostril, septum, bridge, vertical nose tip and the nasal lang.

Many people go to stores to get their noses pierced, but there are many different stores within the Twin Cities that can be chosen.

College freshman Hannah Sutcliffe, a 2014 Stillwater Area High School graduate, said, “I pierced my nose at 16, got the ring at 17, and I did it at St. Sabrina’s because they’re all about safe piercing and tattooing!”

While there are many different kinds of piercings, each one feels a bit different.

“The stud is a lot more noticeable because you can feel it in your nose when you first put it in,” said Sutcliffe. “The ring is a lot easier to get used to because it’s not really touching anything.”

Opinions vary greatly on whether people like nose rings or not. Some people do not like them much.

“I don’t mind little piercings towards the back,” said senior Nathan Schlegel. “I’m not crazy about the big rings in the middle.”

However, there are many who like them as well.

“I love my nose,” said junior Isabel Day. “Whether it’s my hoop or simple stud, it makes me feel more as an individual.”

While some nose rings are small studs and some are large rings or hoops, both are becoming more popular throughout high schools as the years go by.




By Carson Kuball
Although summer still seems far off with the weather we’ve been having, it’s right around the corner, and now is the best time to buy a new swimsuit for all those dreamt about days at the beach.  Here’s a few of the trends for this soon-to-be hot summer:
A cute one-piece with a few cut outs here and there or an open back is totally in this season.  You don’t need a little bikini to look great!
Maybe you’re feeling a little more on the sporty side.  A bright colored suit with a big zipper is perfect for a game of volleyball.
Buying a good pair of black bottoms is a great idea.  You can pair them with almost any colored or patterned top.
The newest trend this year is a cropped top with a pair of low rise bottoms.
Fringe is still in this season and looks adorable in either a one or a two-piece.
Try something on the vintage side by wearing high waisted bottoms and a bralette style top.

The perfect date?


By Carson Kuball
“I’d have to say April 25th.  Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.”
I must agree with Miss Rhode Island on this one.  Spring is the perfect time for a date and the outfit that goes with it.  Although the weather is still a bit chilly, it’s warm enough to break out your favorite open-toe wedges that have been tucked away all winter.  If the date is casual, throw on a pair of nice skinny jeans and a cute top.  If you’re looking for something a little more dressy, try a sundress with a denim jacket or blazer.  Always try and add color to your outfits, no one wants to look at black and gray all night long.  If you are planning on wearing heels, make sure they are comfortable and you can actually walk in them without looking like a waddling penguin.  Save yourself the embarrassment of falling on your face by wearing a cute pair of flats or sandals.  No matter what the rest of your outfit looks like, don’t forget your light jacket.
By Sydney Kuball
DIY, or do it yourself, has been huge for quite some time now.  Log onto Pinterest or read a magazine and it’s a whole new world of DIY.  From making your own shirt to a new piece of art, you are sure to find something fun to keep you occupied.  DIY is necessary in order to keep those creative juices flowing and for everyone to have the chance to explore there artsy sides.  More often than not, do it yourselves include using something you already have and making it into something even better, so you don’t even have to worry about going to the store!  In the fashion sense this is very important, maybe you have an old pair of jeans that just aren’t in style anymore.  Well lucky for you, those can be easily made into a new pair of shorts!  I encourage all boys and girls to take a look around and see what they can make into something even better! Have fun!
By Sydney Kuball
Clothing means so many things to so many people all the way around the world.  Whether it shows a persons’ culture and spirituality or it’s just a popular trend, you can learn so much from the clothes on someone’s back.  In America, we don’t relate meaning really to what we wear; we base it more off of what we see everyone else wearing.  Now that being said, we have times where do choose to wear specific clothing, like on holiday’s or when we go to certain events such as the theater, we usually tend to dress up.  Travel to places like China and you will see similar clothing as ours here, seeing our trends and styles have been welcomed there.  Go to Africa and you will see a whole new window of bright colors and intricate patterns, being worn in skirts, dresses, and head pieces.  Many different types of clothing are worn for different traditional reasons, for example weddings.  We choose a typical white dress, suit and tie; where as a traditional African wedding dress will be adorned in colors and patterns that represent where the bride is from.    In India wedding attire consists of bold colors, often red, adorned with jewels and a bride covered in henna.  In many locations it isn’t uncommon to see men wearing dress styled outfits, such as the dhoti in India or the kilt in Scotland.  Wherever you may be, you will see clothing similar to what you wear as well as things that are very different.  Look into those pieces of clothing and you’ll see that there’s more to a piece of cloth than what you can see.


By Carson Kuball
Body image is defined as “the subjective concept of one’s physical appearance based on self-observation and the reaction of others”.  As teenagers, we know what it’s like to struggle with body image.  We are constantly surrounded by media that portrays an image of the “ideal” body.  Boys and girls question whether they are pretty enough or fit enough.  Instead of questioning our image, we need to look in the mirror and realize that you are beautiful exactly the way you are.  No one should be able to tell you differently.  Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin and be who they are instead of hiding behind an image others have given them.
Fashion has given people the opportunity to do just that.  With thousands and thousands of style choices and magazines teaching us how to dress for our body, its possible for everyone to dress well and feel amazing.  It’s because of all these choices and tips that no one should be afraid to be fashionable.  Step out of your box and wear things that make you feel and look out of this world.  Because it doesn’t matter what other people say or think, all that matters is that you know you’re beautiful, exactly the way you are.

By Sydney Kuball
We all love denim, most likely in the form of a pair of jeans.  What we don’t realize is the loads of different styles of denim out there!  It’s actually pretty insane.  Feel like wearing a denim dress? They have it.  Pretty much anything comes in denim and we are eating up every bit of it.  It has been a pretty big trend lately, considering the numbers of different options we have.  Okay so here are a few tips on denim.  Let’s start with wash, so there’s nothing wrong with light denim, but it’s really not that popular anymore.  I would consider trying something a little darker and maybe with some distressed features to it, but stay away from gaping holes (those are much too 7th grade).  Typical jeans you are going to be seeing will be skinny or more a straight leg, with a clean wash and no holes, that way they look nice with just about anything.  Something fun to try is denim on denim, now I’m not talking Canadian Suit, but try pairing a darker wash jean with a lighter wash jacket.  Overalls…yes they are back…when we think of overalls, we think 5 years old playing in the yard.  Well now they are quite the fashion statement (for ladies anyway).  So be brave and play around with your denim, there are clearly plenty of options out there!
Photos by Sydney Kuball
By Carson Kuball
Alright boys, it’s your turn.  We all know fashion is the top priority in your mind, right?! Or not.  I hate to break it to you, but sweatshirts, T-shirts, and jeans, are not fashion.  If you’re trying to impress someone, that’s not going to cut it.  Now, I’m sure it’s not easy to break from the habit of rolling out of bed and throwing on the first thing you grab from your closet (or the floor for all you not-so-organized), but it’s time.
First off, fashion isn’t scary and it isn’t hard.  You don’t need to follow all the weird trends in the magazines you would never be caught dead in, but it never hurts to look nice. Let’s start with some basics.  When I say T-shirts aren’t fashion, I mean all the ones you’ve collected over the years with your favorite sports teams and bands on them.  Switch them out for a simple V-neck or crew neck and a nice pair of jeans.  Now for jeans.  Jeans are fashionable, if you have the right pair.  With that, get rid of any pair of light wash jeans you own.  You can wear those for painting or yard work, but not in public.  Replace them with a nice pair of dark wash jeans, that aren’t too tight and don’t have any holes or rips.  Another great option for pants would be khakis.  A substitute for all those pull over hoodies would be a nice sweater, also V-neck or crew neck.  I would suggest darker colors like gray or navy.  As for shoes, try a pair of brown work boots or nice lace up sneakers, not your everyday Nike running shoes that smell like the gym.  Last but not least, boys, you can accessorize too.  Throw on a beanie or even a snapback, and if you wear glasses, don’t be afraid to show them off.
Trust me guys, these are easy changes that will have everyone looking your way.


By Sydney Kuball
Now unless you are a fashion guru, you probably have no idea who Anna Wintour is, but I’d say it’s about time you find out.  She is pretty much the goddess of fashion and anybody would kill to be in her position.  Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue Magazine and international fashion icon, a woman feared by her employees, but only with the greatest intentions.
If you have seen ‘Devil Wears Prada’, you know exactly who she is, likely without even knowing it.  It all started when she wished to follow in her father, Charlie Wintour’s, footsteps.  He was the editor of the London Evening Standard, which led Anna to become editor of many magazines, always working her way to the very top.
Due to her sharp critiques and lack of patience, she received multiple nicknames including “Nuclear Wintour”.  She was the start of placing celebrities on the cover of every issue and was always given financial backing to make as many changes, or perform as many extravagant photo shoots that she pleased.
Along with saving the face of Vogue and many other magazines, plus starting and contributing to multiple charities, Anna also managed to raise two children.  She is a woman of power and drive, willing to go as far as she needs to get where she wants to be.
With her famous bob and oversized sunglasses, Wintour has made a major impact on the fashion world and hardly gets enough credit for the work she does.  So next time you overlook Vogue, think about all the work that goes into it, all thanks to the one and only Anna Wintour.(Picture from:
By Sydney Kuball
Prommmm, it’s coming soon! The big question is, what is everyone going to be wearing?  Well that’s a very good question.  As I have been watching girls debut their dresses to the Facebook group, so that nobody will purchase the same one, I have seen many different styles.
This year big trends seem to be the mermaid dress, and I’ve seen a lot more dresses with straps, rather than strapless.  Of course, sparkles are still in, I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love that?  Poofy dresses are going out of style, and girls are choosing tighter, A-line dresses instead.
What really matters though is what you like.  Walking into a store you are going to see racks and racks of dresses, anything you could ever imagine plus some.  Or go online, in less than 2 minutes you will have found more dresses than you thought were possible.  Whether you like short or long, tight or poofy, sparkly or simple, you will be able to find it.  Don’t base your perfect night off of what someone told you to wear, pick out the dress that you fall in love with.  No matter what, you will look beautiful.
Now boys, there’s not much too it.  You all know once you find your date you will be matching their dress to your tie.  Consider wearing a bow tie, they are very classy and just a touch more unique than a traditional tie.  I know you all might think it would be wonderful to show up in a blue tux with a ruffled vest, but don’t do it.  Trust me, you’ll regret it.
Most importantly, have fun!  You will look great in whatever you choose and you will certainly have a night to remember.


By Carson Kuball
For those of us lucky enough to be stuck at home over break, we might as well take advantage of the chilly days with nothing to do but sit in our rooms and stare at the mess of a closet that has been accumulating clothes and dust all year long.
When going through your closet, start by pulling out all the things you love and have worn in at least the last month.  The rest of it is most likely the stuff you’ve had crammed in there since elementary school or junior high, that’s four sizes to small, and not to mention, completely out of style.  Next, try everything on.  If you cant pull it over your head, button it, or you get stuck trying to get it off, get rid of it.  Look at yourself in each piece and think, “Would I ever be caught dead in this outside my bedroom?” or, “What would I even wear this with if I did leave the house in it?”.  Be honest with yourself.  A Hollister top you bought in seventh grade and can barely squeeze into now, will probably never be used again.
Once you’ve sorted through everything, and I mean everything, donate or sell it.  Bring the stuff that’s still in good shape and semi-fashionable to places like Plato’s Closet or Once Upon A Child, you’re bound to make a few bucks.  The rest of it can be donated to Goodwill or other donation centers for people that really need the clothes you haven’t touched in years.Once Upon A Child:
Plato’s Closet:


By Sydney Kuball
Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the hot new teens that everyone is talking about.  With their sisters success it only seems natural for them to follow in their footsteps.  They started off by becoming idols to girls around the world, being on magazine covers and now debuting their own fashion line through Pacsun.  They have created something that every girl will want to wear; pairing a California style with a bit of an edge.  All of the pieces they put together are exactly what you would see the girls themselves wearing.  Along with their clothing line, they have also partnered with Steve Madden to develop a line of shoes and handbags, called the Kendall and Kylie collection for Madden Girl.  All of their new collaborations reflect the sisters themselves, and they are overjoyed to be sharing their creations with all of their fans.

On the left is a picture of Kendall and Kylie modeling their own designs on Pacsuns website and on the right is one of their shoe designs for Madden Girl, called Milah.
PictureBy Carson Kuball
Spring break, the relaxing week we’ve been waiting for all year.  Although most of us will remain in good ol’ Minnesota, freezing in the never-ending winter, some are lucky enough to escape the bitter cold.  For those of you that will be visiting a tropical island on the opposite end of the cold spectrum, need some advice on what to bring and what to buy.  Since this week is meant to be relaxing, all you really need is a couple of swim suits.  We’re hoping that summer will come one day, so I would take this opportunity to splurge on a good swimsuit you can break in over break, and continue using through the summer.  Other than a swimsuit, girls, throw a few cute sundresses, shorts and tops in your bag.  For the guys, all you’ll need is shorts and t-shirts (unless you have a sundress you’ve been dying to wear).  Finally, for those of us stuck here, bundle up, stay warm, and take advantage of any day above 30 degrees.

Spring Fashion 101


By Sydney Kuball
This spring, watch out for a few brilliant style changes.  Designers have been putting new ideas on the runway that are sure to have you in stores within seconds.  You will notice a bit of a change in colors this spring, but the regular go to shades are sticking around.  Those include pastels, fitting in great with the weather, well the weather that we are hoping to receive soon anyway.  Keep an eye out for anything rose color, it’s a bit deeper than pastels, but still a great spring shade that goes with pretty much anything.  New on the runway would be orange.  Instead of black this year we are seeing a lot more deep orange, which is a really fun color, but can also be worn in a more sophisticated manner if needed.  Now for metallic, those are crazy huge this spring.  Anything from shoes to skirts, you are going to see them in that faux metal look that comes in all sorts of great colors.  As for shirts and jackets, you can either go with anything logos or something entirely clean slated.  Pair that with a boxy, crop jacket and you are set.  Also, when cleaning out your closet to fit all your new goodies, consider throwing out some of those super short skirts, you are going to find that the fuller, mid-calf length skirts are much more fitting.   Prepare yourself to shove all the heavy winter wear in the back of the closet, because once this weather turns around, out come the sandals!


By Carson Kuball
Katy Perry is known for her funky style and accessorizing.  She always seems to have a quirky ring or earrings on.  So, along with her Prismatic World Tour, Katy has also decided to launch a jewelry and fashion accessories collection with Claire’s.  Perry will be designing the pieces herself based off her own style, song lyrics and greatest hits.  The PRISM collection will be in stores for a whole two years with new designs and pieces circulating through.  So if you’re into tigers, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Katy Perry in general, check out Claire’s this May to see what she has in store for us!

By Sydney Kuball
The garment industry is a huge factor that goes into fashion, without it, well there wouldn’t be much to work with.  However, it’s something that has caused multiple disagreements and possible ethical problems in the world.  It goes along with the workers who are in charge of the task of putting together the clothes on our backs.  Most likely they are women in third world countries who without the garment industry may not have a chance in the workforce.  Which is where the problems start to occur, if this industry is able to bring multiple women into an opportunity of having a job, then should we step in?  But then again, these women are making 30 cents off your $30 shirt, does that change anything?  Think of it this way, if you are willing to put that much money into a shirt you .should probably care about who made.  Simply because these women need a job and they had no other options, doesn’t meant they shouldn’t be guaranteed good working conditions.  They should go to work and feel safe, not always wondering what could go wrong.
By Sydney Kuball
Mid- January, star, Bella Thorne was named the next Candies Girl following Carly Rae Jepson.  She is the 15th girl to rep for the brand and seems to be overjoyed with the job.  Candies started in 1981 and has since then also grown into a foundation to fight teen pregnancy, which began in 2001.  Each girl is selected carefully based on who Kohls thinks will rep the brand the best.  It’s based off of character and style, and who is willing to put their face out there for more than just a clothing line, for a cause as well.  Get ready to be wowed with all the new Candies apparel modeled by Bella which will hit fashion magazines sometime in March!
By Sydney Kuball
Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and who doesn’t want the perfect outfit for the occasion?  School is the perfect place to go a little wild, whether you feeling like dressing in a completely pink getup or just doing something simple.  Everyone should go along with the Valentine’s spirit in some way, why not!  For those with a date, vamp it up a little bit but don’t take the theme of hearts and pink too seriously.  A skirt with a pink or red top says cute, but not overdone.  A black dress tied together with some red lips and/or accessories for a fancier date or maybe you’re just hanging out with your friends.  In that case go with a pair of leggings and jeans with something cute on top, unless you plan on having a night on the town!  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to spread the love!
By Sydney Kuball
Imagine being in The Hunger Games, standing in the middle of the Capitol, engulfed in a sea of people with pink hair and bright clothing that glitters and shines. For many, this image creates exactly what they want: a dream come true. How cool would it be for the biggest fans to be able to take part in the fashion and future of their favorite books and movies?  Well now is their chance.Thanks to Trish Summerville, costume designer for the cast of The Hunger Games series, the clothing line with the name Capitol Couture now exists. This line is sure to hit home with the beloved fans and will be released by the airing of the next movie as a 16-piece luxury collection, exclusively through Net-a-Porter.People dream of dressing as their favorite characters, copying their style and being just like their movie idols. Well, for those people it won’t have to be confined to just Halloween night.“I think it’s really cool that this line is being created, I didn’t know it existed until now, but I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s released,” said senior Megan Krieglmeier.Whether or not the line will sell is questionable. It’s hard to say without seeing the final products and their costs. There’s no doubt that it will get attention though.“I would totally buy something Hunger Games, especially clothes because I love the movie and their costumes! I imagine the clothes for the public would be less extravagant than the movie too,” said senior Megan Letkeman.Some might wonder whether or not we are taking this movie series too far and if an entire clothing line is a little over the top. Most would likely say no, but then again most people are crazy about the books and the movies.“This line is really cool, it seems like a super unique way to provide for the fans and to keep them involved in the series,” said Krieglmeier.According to Summerville through an interview on, she is “extremely proud of the designs that we created for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and there’s no partner more appropriate for ‘Capitol Couture’ than the world’s most cutting-edge luxury retailer.”This line is the perfect way to create a world like the Capitol for people today. It’s a way for fans to stay in touch with the life of their favorite characters, so for the hardcore fans out there, keep an eye out for this very unique fashion line.


By Carson Kuball
In just a little over a week, the 2014 Winter Olympics will begin.  While most are focused on the stats and the sports, we’re going to take a look at what these athletes will be wearing.
The 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are setting the bar for fashion high.  From speed-skaters to skiers, designers have focused on a Christmas theme.  For the US teams, Ralph Lauren has attempted to create a patriotic version of the ugly Christmas sweater for the opening ceremony.  While the US is going for a more subtle look, Norway’s curling team has gone with a vibrant red, white and blue zig-zag pattern.  The design is said to resemble the Norwegian flag.  Germany has settled on a bright, rainbow-ish outfit, almost defying Russia’s recent anti-gay laws.
Each country has a design to resemble their culture and spirit for the games.  Sports and fashion seem to be a perfect match for this event


Graphic by Carson Kuball,,
By Sydney Kuball

Last night, the Grammy’s took us away like usual with their amazing performances and stunning gowns.  As I pretended to be on the red carpet with the stars, I noticed styles that were out of this world, and others that let’s just say, weren’t.  Starting off with the beautiful and talented Miss Taylor Swift, taking us all away with her Gucci chain-mail gown on the red carpet and then changing into her show stopping performance dress on stage.  As always she had all eyes on her, for more reasons than her solo dance during Kendrick Lamar’s performance.  Then there was Beyoncé, oh my did she get it right; wearing a very perforated white lace dress designed byProject Runway winner Michael Costello.  As for up and comer Kacey Musgraves…well she didn’t choose quite so well.  Her Armani Prive gown, made with a sheer, blush color and tiered fabric, she reminded me of Barbie, but it wasn’t all that awful.  Until she walked on stage for her performance in a short little dress, barely covering anything and with light up cow girl boots.  It was as if someone attacked her with a bedazzler.  Now for Pink, she blew me away with her gorgeous red Johanna Johnson that fit her just right.  Katy Perry may have taken the music award thing a little too far, but let’s face it, that Valentino gown looked great on her, and what is Katy without a little crazy.  Even if her son picked out her outfit for the night, Madonna wasn’t able to work it in her Ralph Lauren suit complete with hat and a gold mouth grill.  And oh goodness Cyndi Lauper, what were you thinking…a cape and lace up pants by Alexander McQueen, she looked as if she just came from a costume shop.  Sara Bareilles might as well have been wearing a dress made out of cotton balls and Pharrel with his hat from Arby’s.  Luckily, I saw more best dressed than worst.  Ciara, pregnant and still looking ever so glamorous is her bronze Emilio Pucci, Alicia Keys in a bright blue, plunging Armani Prive, and Macklemore standing out in a dark turquoise velvet suit.  Among many great and not so great gowns and suits, the 2014 Grammys, was able to win hearts all around.   With its unique performances and surprise wedding ceremony, a year of talent and hard work was recognized yet again and we will be looking forward to next year’s fashion choices.

By Carson Kuball
We’ve all heard that history repeats itself.  History is not only repeated in wars or depressions, but also in fashion.  Most of us don’t realize that decades like the 70’s and the 80’s have found their way back into today’s trends.  Fortunately, these trends have been updated to fit with today’s style. Items like patterned leggings, high-waisted pants, denim, and high top shoes are all a blast from the past.  So when you put on your favorite pair of high tops and a denim jacket, don’t be surprised when your mom says, “I remember when I used to wear stuff like that!”  Chances are, she had a few of the same items in her wardrobe as you do now.

Uggs: Fad or Not


By Sydney Kuball
As we all know, Uggs are the boots everyone owns, “white girl” or not, we all have a pair hidden somewhere.  The Ugg fad started years ago, when they were released as a new technology for surfers, and people everywhere adopted them.  They have since been known to create a line of moccasins, slippers, boots, sandals, and even heels.  Anything you could ever imagine, you’re sure to find through Ugg.  The questions is, has this gone too far?  Most would likely say yes, but there are those who believe that Uggs were the greatest creation.  On that note, people also say that Uggs are over, nobody should be wearing them anymore, they are included in the white girl category, and god forbid you get caught there.  In my opinion, Uggs were outdated long ago, but that’s just me.  As I always say, it’s your life, your style, do with that what you please.
Uggs come in multiple colors and designs. Here’s an example of just a few.


Photos by Alex Magler

Pretty Little liars teams with aeropostale


By Carson Kuball
Anyone who watches Pretty Little Liars understands the obsession with Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily’s style.  These four girls have set a fashion standard almost all teenagers are trying hard to meet.  Each one has a unique style and new to-die-for outfits in every episode.  These girls make everything look good, it’s no wonder fans wants to steal their looks.
They are in luck.  Aeropostale has recently debuted a Pretty Little Liars clothing line, following teen’s wishes and raising much needed sales.  The retailer teamed up with Warner Brothers and costume designer, Mandi Line, to create a look that best resembles each Pretty Little Liars star.  By selling these coveted characters styles, Aeropostale is sure to see a boost in popularity.
Whether you’re feeling like an Aria, a Spencer, a Hanna, or an Emily, Aeropostale has the outfits for you.
Shop online at

PictureBy Sydney Kuball

By Sydney Kuball
Lululemon, the yoga and workout gear of the year.  This brand seems to be the latest and greatest craze around schools everywhere, even after the scandal they had with see-through pants.  Nevertheless, the teens are obsessed.  This company has provided a way for you to stay active and look good doing it, or just to look good and still be comfy.  They carry a multitude of options for you, all starting with the fabrics they use to work just right with whatever it is you’re doing.  Running, yoga, or just lounging; they have what you’re looking for.  Lululemon has certainly become well known, and is obsessed over by many.  Maybe it will inspire us to all go for a run!

By Carson Kuball
Got invited to a last minute New Years Eve party and have no idea what to wear? Don’t stress, we’re here to help.
New Year’s is one of those times where anything sparkly goes.  Glitter seems to be the perfect way to welcome in the new year, so don’t be afraid to go all out.
If glitter isn’t your thing, stick with something shiny or metallic.  Silver and gold are classic party colors, especially for a midnight viewing of Times Square.
If this invite was truly last minute, grab the little black dress from the back of your closet and glam it up with some fun accessories.
If you’re feeling brave, try something sheer.  Small mesh cutouts, sheer sleeves, or a skirt overlay are popular party trends this season.  Show up to your NYE party looking like a rockstar.
Finish off any outfit with a great pair of pumps.  If the outfit is only so-so, throw on an adorable pair of heels to dress it up.
No matter what you wear, as long as you feel great, you’ll be ready to ring in the New Year in style.
By Sydney Kuball
Everyone has those days when they roll out of bed and really don’t feel like dressing up, or trying too hard to look nice.  But, at the same time, they don’t want to look like slobs either.  The good thing is, you don’t always have to wear a nice dress to be fashionable and cute, and you have lots of options to maintain that stylish status.  On days that you’re feeling a little lazy, throw together a simple outfit that you are still super comfortable in.  Put pieces like leggings and nice sweaters together with a warm infinity scarf, or try a pair of jeggings.


Photos by Sydney Kuball
Any soft or stretchy materials will be just as comfy as the baggy sweatshirt you didn’t want to take off, and they will leave you looking good as ever!
By Sydney Kuball
Here’s the big question everyone wants an answer too: how do I stay fashionable without spending tons of money?  Well here are a few ideas that might help you save a little.  Start off by going through your closet and removing the items you don’t ever wear (believe me if you haven’t worn it in a couple months, you probably won’t at all) and try donating them, or bringing them to places like Plato’s Closet for a couple extra bucks.  Once you have done that figure out what you need and what you like.  If you go into a store with no idea, you are going to end up spending money on unnecessary items that you very well may never put on again.  Always bring someone with you, don’t go in it alone.  When you’re alone you have no other opinions, and even though your opinion is what matters most, it can help to have a little input from the peanut gallery at times.


Graphic made by Sydney Kuball
Then, last but not least, where can you go to get the best deals.  I find myself more often than not at stores such as Forever 21 and H&M; I find that they have everything I’m looking for and their prices are never outrageous.  On the other hand, they aren’t always the best quality.  If you are looking for clothes that cost a little more, but in the long run will last a lifetime, try stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s or American Eagle.  If you dig a little, you’re sure to find something that fits your style perfectly, that will end up being worth whatever you spent on it.  If you LOVE it, buy it.
By Sydney Kuball

For those of you fashion wannabes that have lived in our little town of Stillwater for as long as you can remember, I’m sure you have heard all about the chic little boutiques that are scattered all around the downtown area.  Now if you haven’t, I highly recommend you do so.  First off, right down 3rd street, is a newer shop, called Finney Fox, which is guaranteed to fulfill are your vintage and retro needs.  I have not personally had the chance to stop in, but from the sounds of it, you may want to try and squeeze some time in for a visit during their short openings.  You will be sure to fine unique, one of a kind items.  If you travel a little further downtown you will find Collaborations, known to many for its steep stairway and festive window display, and located right above Leo’s.  There you will find all the hottest and newest items, as they are constantly bringing in new merchandise.  On Chestnut Street you will see a shop named Urban Violet, which a unique shop carrying styles which lean more towards the boho look that is very big.  It was founded by a mother and her daughter and has been successfully providing us with fabulous fashion since 2010.  Now clearly these are just a few of the incredibly unique and inspiring boutiques to choose from in Stillwater, but I encourage you to go check them out on a lazy Saturday when you’re looking for something fun to do.

by Sydney Kuball
As we are getting into that colder weather, and you start to notice yourself looking somewhat like a giant marshmallow, all bundled up in your winter coat complete with hat and mittens, you might be finding yourself in need of a new look.  Start by peeling off the 14 layers of thick winter gear (that is unless you plan to take a ride in the snow) and try picking up a new coat, something that fits your personality but isn’t too ‘fluffy’ for that walk from your car to the door.  For those who are more elegant and classy, try a classic peacoat.  If you want to change it up a little, find one in a cool patter or a fun color.  Those a little more on the edgy side, add some leather to your look, or even camo, for example a moto jacket.  They are just warm enough, but they can also last all season.  Once you have the coat tackled, remove the bulky, waterproof mittens (save those for snowman building) and try a cute pair of gloves that work well with your newly found jacket.  And of course, you can never go wrong adding a cozy scarf to your ensemble.  Most importantly stay warm this winter, but try to be a little creative in doing so.

Black Friday 101


For all those shopping addicts: this is your day.  This highly acclaimed shopping event is extremely fun, unnecessarily early, and somewhat on the dangerous side.  But who wouldn’t want to take part in that?  Black Friday is personally one of my favorite holiday season events and I think that speaks for thousands of other people as well. That being said, here are a few tips for having the best shopping experience all night long:1: Go to your local gas station and pick up a few papers the night before.  They’re packed with coupons and other hidden deals.
2: Coffee is a must have.  Trust me, without it you won’t be able to function for more than a couple hours.  The early adrenaline of running to find the best deals wears out quickly.
3: Always eat something prior to heading out, you’ll need the energy.
4: Dress warmly. Remember it’s winter, and you will have to stand outside more often than not.
5: Be aggressive.  Some people can get pretty competitive with things like doorbusters when there is only a limited supply, so if you want it, you’re going to have to work for it.
6: A parking tip: follow the people that are carrying a lot of bags, chances are they already hit up the deals and are headed to their car to leave for the next destination.
7: Be patient.  Black Friday also means a lot of waiting and a lot of people.  If that’s not your thing, I would suggest skipping this event and waiting for Cyber Monday.Good luck to all the shoppers this year!
As you look through the halls almost everyone has a smartphone and on that phone are a bunch of fun and unique apps.  These fashion apps are for all you fashion savvy people out there who like to either post their favorite outfits or to get advice on what to wear.  They create a world in which people who love everything that has to do with fashion can stay connected.  So if that is you, go out and test these apps.  You’re sure to find something that fits you’ll love!
PicturePhoto by Lucy LangmackBy Carson Kuball
Kmart fashion is becoming even trendier as Adam Levine of Maroon 5 adds his own menswear line to their collection.  This singer and co-host seems to have many talents, fashion apparently being one of them.  Levine recently worked with Kmart Shop Your Way to design a classy and easy to wear men’s fashion line.  Levine’s line is filled with casual yet stylish apparel for men at an affordable price range of $15-$70; anything from pants, t-shirts, jackets and sweaters.  His hopes are to have created something men will want to wear, not to make an extravagant fashion statement.  Levine claims that everything he designs could be found in his own closet.  He wanted to create something that would make it easy for men to get dressed and look cool without really even having to think about it, and I personally believe he has once again topped the charts.Here’s a link for some online shopping:
by Sydney KuballSo you’re not shaving this month?  Hmmm… that’s a little gross, but just wait, there’s a catch.  No Shave November is more than choosing to let your hair go crazy, it’s raising awareness for something people have battled with forever, cancer.  This month is all about putting that razor away and embracing our hair, after all not everyone has that opportunity.  Lot’s of people are participating, just look around and you’ll see lots of fuzzy faces and everyone’s excited about it as well!  Why not be lazy this month and use the money you would be spending on all those shaving tools and donate it to the American Cancer Society.  You can help to make a difference, so take part in your schools no shave November and show that you care!


Photos by Lucy Langmack
Junior Josh Godbout poses to show off his novembeard and support for those with cancer.
Mixing patterns can be tough.  Its tricky to find the right ones to pair without going overboard.  Here’s a few tips and ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Pair your favorite floral pattern with a simple striped design. This is an easy way to put a twist on boring everyday stripes.


Photos by Lucy Langmack
Abby Farmer, Hannah Crawford (left) and Jordan Breckheimer (right) rock the effortless maxi style.
By Carson Kuball

It seems that everyone is obsessing over the maxi skirt.  It is possibly one of the most versatile pieces in fashion today.  These long skirts are easy for us to fall in love with, thanks to their extremely effortless style.Through summer, fall, winter, and spring, we can’t get enough of these fashion staples. Pair them with just about anything and you’ll have a flawless and chic outfit in minutes.  Waking up early to go to school sometimes gets the best of my clothing choices, just as it does for many others.  A maxi skirt, however, looks adorable and feminine, but still feels like you’re in your pajamas.  Who wouldn’t want to sit in that all day long?These skirts literally go with just about anything you have in your closet.  Feeling sporty?  Throw on a solid color skirt and some cute sneakers.  Maybe you’re in the mood for something glamorous.  Wear a pair of wedges and a pretty top with your maxi.  If you’re into the raved boho-chic style, go with a tribal print maxi and some feathery accessories.  The sky is the limit.This “never-ending” trend has reinvented itself in so many ways.  With nearly any color you can imagine available, slits up the front or back, pleats, patterns of every variety, or even sheer fabric, the maxi has made it possible for anyone to wear at any time.  Don’t be afraid to invest in one (or more) of these awesome skirts, because this trend will be sticking around.

by Sydney Kuball
With the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, being released soon, so is a new Covergirl line. The Capitol Collection includes all twelve districts and a specific style towards each unique profession, such as mining for district 12.  The new make-up is very futuristic and modern.  Including eye shadows, nail polishes and lipsticks, you have every way to be creative.  Using their website ( you can watch tutorials and replicate the models exact looks or you can just pick out your favorite pieces! This line allows for maximum creativity and is perfect for those hard core fans looking for a last minute Halloween costume.  And as it goes in the games, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”
Photos from Lucy Langmack
by Carson Kuball
The popular store Urban Outfitters is becoming, well, not so urban.  After 42 years, the shop decided they needed a bit of sprucing to keep up with the rest of the population and “stay cool.”  The companies latest addition, connecting to the social media aspect of our current technology, was the creation of an app. 
Photos by Lucy Lanagmack
Now shoppers can log on at any time, shop, win rewards and even listen to music on the UO Radio.  The store is hoping that this change will have a positive effect on sales and business, spreading fashion all over social media.  So far, it seems to be working.

PicturePhoto by Lucy Langmack

by Sydney Kuball
As the fall season comes around the corner, all the clothes hiding in the back of closets start moving out.  Fluffy sweaters and tall boots, all screaming cool weather and reminding you of colorful leaves turn up.Among the many colors in the world, according to Pantone, the big times this year are emeralds, moss greens, blues, violets, dark grays, rich browns, and fiery reds.  Don’t be afraid to be bold with these colors and have some fun with them!  Color is always a great way to add a little pizazz to your wardrobe.This year be brave and add some leather or leopard print into your style.  Just remember a little bit can go a long way.  Floral and plaid are huge this season.  Find a floral made with this year’s top colors and match it with a basic knit and your favorite pair of boots, and you’ll fit right in.Now is your perfect opportunity to continue that military look that we all love; it’s a great way to incorporate those shades of green.  Go anywhere from girly to the typical grunge, rocker style, or whatever you like best!Coats, coats and more coats; go insane this year and find a jacket you love.  From fur to leather and anything in between, stand out this fall with what’s on the outside.What’s better than accessories? Bring those scarves back out and add jewelry to every outfit!  Standing out with a little extra glam is never a bad thing.  Dark berries and grays are beautiful choices to keep your nails at top notch and a great matte red for those kissable lips every ones dying for.Use this fall to step out of your box and strut your stuff through the hallways with your fabulous new looks.  You can’t go wrong!

Photos by Lucy Langmack
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