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Staff Editorial: teachers should have a unified cell phone policy

Staff Editorial: teachers should have a unified cell phone policy

Pony Express Staff April 30, 2015

It is no surprise that technology is becoming more prevalent in people’s daily lives. The school encourages people to bring their own electronic devices from home, and most people have their cell...

Staff Editorial: technology distribution among students unequal

Staff Editorial: technology distribution among students unequal

Pony Express Staff March 30, 2015

Stillwater Area High School currently struggles in keeping up-to-date with technology due to a low budget. The school has a multitude of computers, but many of them do not meet the needs of students....

Staff Editorial: students need to take responsibility in cafeteria

Staff Editorial: students need to take responsibility in cafeteria

Pony Express Staff February 13, 2015

Culture can mean a lot to a specific group of people or tightly bound community. At Stillwater Area High School, it is no different. The atmosphere and culture surrounding the school is inviting, it...

Infographic by Ahnika Kroll

Staff Editorial: no need to be skeptical about district changes

Pony Express Staff January 13, 2015

The long-range facilities planning committee proposed major changes to District 834’s current grade arrangement and distribution. Some community members are skeptical of the changes because technicalities...

Infographic by Sam Hudachek

Staff Editorial: college applications, more than just scores

Pony Express Staff November 19, 2014

No person wants to be a number. When being admitted to college, that is what students essentially are. Admission officers rank certain factors and give a person a number based off factors to see if the...

Graphic by Kjell Sandstrom

Staff Editorial: grades need to reflect learning

Pony Express Staff October 27, 2014

Within the last year, Stillwater school district 834 has recommended that teachers do not issue extra credit for non-educational things such as tissue boxes and hand sanitizer. Even though this recommendation...

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The Metrodome gets a make over as construction for the new Vikings stadium begins. Fans eagerly await the new stadium and the possibility to host 2018 Super Bowl, despite the $506 million state tax payers will have to put towards the $975 million price tag. Fans will not just pay in taxes, but ticket prices will increase to pay for nicer facilities. According to Nick Mosvick and Ilya Shapiro of The Huffington Post and the CATO Institute this is bad news for all non-Vikings fans, “because they lead to increased taxes and higher prices, squeezing the average fan for the benefit of owners and sponsors.”

Staff Editorial: new stadium will keep Vikings in Minnesota

Pony Express Staff February 21, 2014

The Minnesota Vikings have been threatening to leave for years now. Well, not anymore. They are finally getting what they were looking for: a brand new stadium. The $975 million plan is projected to be...

Graphic by Clara Ilkka

Staff Editorial: new studies raise question, how much homework is too much?

Pony Express Staff November 25, 2013

Homework is a common source of stress for high school students.  After spending six and a half hours at school, students are typically left with two to four hours of homework.  Homework can be helpful,...

Graphic by Luke Weisbrod

Staff Editorial: Cyrus over-criticized for VMA performance

Pony Express Staff October 15, 2013

Miley Cyrus’ recent controversial acts on stage and off did not warrant her to receive the amount of public criticism that she did. In early Sept. Miley Cyrus performed Blurred Lines with original...

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