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Teachers believe swearing in schools has greatly increased over the last few years. Although originally used just to “seem cool”, studies now show that swearing actually has the ability to relieve pain. “The words don’t have as much power when they’re overused,” said Kramer. “They’re desensitized, meaningless.”

Swearing proven to relieve pain

Claire Ilkka December 11, 2013

Walking through the halls, it is nearly impossible to make it through the six-minute passing time without hearing one. Sometimes it is an exclamation. Other times, it is part of name calling or an expression...

Through his experience as a full-time firefighter in St Paul, Guy Peterson has learned the importance of teamwork and diversity. “People are thankful that we are there and are grateful that we are there unlike some law enforcement jobs where it is not always a good thing to see them,” said Peterson.

Peterson saves lives around the clock

Cory Spawn December 10, 2013

Many kids dream of being firefighters when they are in preschool or kindergarten. Few actually do go on to become one. The job is very important and people like retired firefighter Guy Peterson are very...

Police officer Chris Felsch faces danger on a daily basis to protect the Stillwater community. He has intervened in various robberies, bomb threats and potential shootings in order to create a safe environment for families 
“What I most like about this job are the different challenges each day brings and the wide variety of calls we face,” said Felsch.

Felsch maintains a safe community

Kenz Hendrickson December 8, 2013

Many people might think of heroes as the people you have seen in comic books, or maybe on the Sunday morning cartoons; but what people usually don’t think of as heroes are the true heroes that help society...

Cathy Gunvalson is continuously trying to improve her teaching. When she is not teaching she gives her time to volunteering and giving back to the community. “Mrs. Gunvalson shows an example of what she expects. She is patient, caring, respectful and always willing to help,” said senior Grace Getchell.

Gunvalson inspires students to strive for excellence

Maddie Engstrum December 6, 2013

Math teacher Cathy Gunvalson teaches Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus.  She has been teaching for 39 years.  Gunvalson graduated from high school in 1971, the same time the Vietnam War was going on. “Part...

The sacrifice soldiers take to be a part of the service can take a big toll on their families. As Chase Johnson (’14) has watched his dad make these sacrifices, he hopes to one day follow in his footsteps. “It was a very lonely period when my dad was gone, one I wouldn’t want to relive again. But having a parent in the military has made me very proud,” said Johnson.

Johnson follows in his father’s footsteps

Carly Glaser November 27, 2013

Everyone has their own story.  For veterans, their story is a little different. Burned in their minds is a floating, clear-cut grim image of a distressed world. An image no one else has. They carry burdens....

As the year progresses, the college pressure placed upon seniors continues to rise. In recent years the competition to get into college has become more intense as students are achieving higher grades, taking more AP courses and achieving higher average scores on the ACT.

Pressure increases as seniors compete for college admission

Savannah Sylvis November 26, 2013

Students at Stillwater Area High School are slowly being introduced to the aggressive world of college. They find that to succeed after high school, ambition is a necessity. Seniors graduating in the class...

With the average hours of sleep declining and increasing homework expectations, many students find themselves battling stress on a daily basis. Students have to learn to work through the stress while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Students learn to balance stress and free time

Lexi Fitch Green November 26, 2013

Stress and pressure are universal issues that any student may have to overcome. First take school, then add on sports and extracurricular activities, coaches, teachers and not to mention parents, and there...

Leaving a legacy for the Ponies, George Thole was ranked first on Minnesota’s all-time football victory list. After retiring, Thole continues his passion for sports by writing the weekly sports column for The Stillwater Gazette.

Thole continues passion through weekly sports column

Sofie Wicklund November 7, 2013

An outstanding coach is not easy to come across. One must be must be ambitious, hardworking, and completely passionate about their work. George Thole was all three.  Thole held the position as head coach...

Seniors bring back Powderpuff football

Seniors bring back Powderpuff football

Eric Bromback October 31, 2013

While the senior girls huddled up with their coach to call the next play, the junior girls waited on the line of scrimmage, ready to take the win. On Sept. 30, Stillwater Area High School held their first...

Kaul uses his 27 years of teaching experience and masters degree in addiction counseling to connect with his students and create and enjoyable learning environment.

Kaul uses counseling skills to connect with students

July 20, 2013

Michael Kaul is a teacher, mentor, counselor, and occasionally a friend. He earned a Master’s in addiction counseling and a Bachelor’s for teaching. He began teaching in 1986 and started teaching...

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