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Students learn to balance stress and free time

With the average hours of sleep declining and increasing homework expectations, many students find themselves battling stress on a daily basis. Students have to learn to work through the stress while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Lexi Fitch Green

November 26, 2013

Stress and pressure are universal issues that any student may have to overcome. First take school, then add on sports and extracurricular activities, coaches, teachers and not to mention parents, and there is no way to not experience even the slightest bit of stress. The amount of stress or pressure ...

Thole continues passion through weekly sports column

Leaving a legacy for the Ponies, George Thole was ranked first on Minnesota’s all-time football victory list. After retiring, Thole continues his passion for sports by writing the weekly sports column for The Stillwater Gazette.

Sofie Wicklund

November 7, 2013

An outstanding coach is not easy to come across. One must be must be ambitious, hardworking, and completely passionate about their work. George Thole was all three.  Thole held the position as head coach of the Stillwater Ponies football team from 1971 until 1999. When he retired, Thole was ranked first on...

Seniors bring back Powderpuff football

Seniors bring back Powderpuff football

Eric Bromback

October 31, 2013

While the senior girls huddled up with their coach to call the next play, the junior girls waited on the line of scrimmage, ready to take the win. On Sept. 30, Stillwater Area High School held their first Powderpuff flag football game in many years. Each homecoming week has been the same for the pa...

Kaul uses counseling skills to connect with students

Kaul uses his 27 years of teaching experience and masters degree in addiction counseling to connect with his students and create and enjoyable learning environment.

July 20, 2013

Michael Kaul is a teacher, mentor, counselor, and occasionally a friend. He earned a Master’s in addiction counseling and a Bachelor’s for teaching. He began teaching in 1986 and started teaching in Stillwater in 1999. He teaches Advanced Placement U.S. History, U.S. History, and Law and Justic...

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