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Kaul’s influence spread through Black History Month

Elaina Mankowski, Layout Editor

As a self proclaimed redneck kid growing up in South Dakota, Michael Kaul, U.S. history and psychology teacher, was always touched by Dr. Martin Luther King’s words. After ending up teaching in a school with little diversity, he wanted to teach about other cultures and celebrate them. “It never mattered to me how someone dressed or what their hair looked like,” Kaul said. “It mattered how...

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Olivia Bystrom, Field Reporter

Turning 18 is a moment in life that many teenagers consider to be pivotal to their future. It is the beginning of adulthood, of new freedoms and possibilities and along with it, new responsibilities. It is the age that most young people part ways with childhood, and flock towards a new beginning; whether that is heading off to college, getting a full time job or simply moving out the house. Culturally,...

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