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Graphic by Emily Lodahl

Bullies should receive increased punishment

November 1, 2013

Today, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying. During one class period at Stillwater Area High School, seven students around the U.S. are bullied, and 85 percent of the time no one intervenes. Schools...

Graphic by Luke Weisbrod

Celebrity endorsements may cause harm to public health

October 30, 2013

Celebrities and sports athletes are being understandably criticized for being in fast food or junk food commercials. Celebrities, and especially sports athletes, should not be endorsing fast food. With...

Graphic by Clara Ilkka

Google Glass saving lives one pair at a time

Matt Flock October 30, 2013

What would most Americans do if they thought that they were bit by a deadly spider or if they didn’t know the difference between the symptoms of mononucleosis compared to those of streptococcus? Most...

Graphic by Clara Ilkka

E-Cigs pose threat to students

Christy Prust October 24, 2013

Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-Cigs are gaining popularity as a healthier replacement to tobacco smoking. Containing no tobacco, E-Cigs work in the same way that nicotine patches and gum are used....

Photo by Annika Kroll Working on Online Geography, junior Pedro Angulo-Umaña makes the library his study space.

Online classes, a necessary evil

Virginia Vanlieshout October 24, 2013

The droning sound of a teacher going over a subject people know everything about is typically how the school day drags on. But for some students all they hear is their fingers clicking across the keyboard. Online...

Photo by Kelly Roehrig
Stillwater Culver’s sports its new interior.

Increasing fast food causes complications

Kate Price October 23, 2013

Stillwater may not be the largest town, but that does not stop the fast food restaurants from flooding in. Within the last five years there have been over 10 new fast food restaurants that have made a...

Graphic by Luke Weisbrod

Staff Editorial: Cyrus over-criticized for VMA performance

Pony Express Staff October 15, 2013

Miley Cyrus’ recent controversial acts on stage and off did not warrant her to receive the amount of public criticism that she did. In early Sept. Miley Cyrus performed Blurred Lines with original...

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