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Gap year in Brazil means more than traveling to Nichols

Senior Sintra Nichols plans to take a gap year to travel to Brazil thanks to a scholarship program called Global Citizen.
Mira Lanasa, Layout Editor-in-Chief February 12, 2018

During her junior year, senior Sintra Nichols felt she had lost purpose in her education. She wanted to get back on track, but found the only way to get back en route was to go off the trail entirely,...

Wallace travels the world with National Geographic

Photo by Lilly Sample
Abby Begin, Field Reporter February 8, 2018

Only a junior in high school, Lola Wallace has traveled to many places most people only dream about. She began traveling with National Geographic at age 15. Through these trips, she has been able...

Goetzke dances through life

Goetzke dances through life
Hannah Boardman, Print Editor-in-Chief February 6, 2018

Body-aches, tired muscles, swollen feet, extreme exhaustion. All of these sound like symptoms of an illness, or side effects of a medication, but for freshman Isabel Goetzke they're proof that she's done...

Miller powers through for those who need it most

A young child at Robin's Nest Orphanage in Montego Bay, Jamaica playfully sticks her tongue out at the volunteers. “They were really happy to see us,” Miller says. “They were so happy and willing to share everything they did have.”
Linnea Phillips, Print Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2018

The kids looked up at the volunteers with confused expressions. Why were they crying? Why did they seem so upset? The kids were only going to school, after all. As the small children waved goodbye to the...

La vie different: Jackie Parr travels abroad

 Parr's many years have strengthened her love for the french language and culture. She finds joy in sharing it with students.
Michael VanLieshout, Online Editor February 3, 2018

A woman steps out of the small local boulangerie just as she did every day for the past few years. The weather was perfect, the sky was a brilliant cloudless blue, the Jura mountain air was cooling and...

Joanna Eckles pursues love of birds as she battles for their ecological safety

Joanna Eckles pursues love of birds as she battles for their ecological safety
Abby Banks, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2018

Having specifically asked for her cup of steaming water in a white ceramic mug, Joanna Eckles carefully balances her muffin and beverage in hand. Taking a seat, she dropped her bag of green tea into the...

Simich family finding new happiness after loss

Kenzie Motz, Layout Editor February 1, 2018

It had been a normal day. Mike and Vicki Simich arrived back to their home after an afternoon of shopping and a pleasant lunch. Nothing was out of place. Mike went down to his office to get things ready...

Musical heir to the O’Shea Irish Dance throne

Musical heir to the O'Shea Irish Dance throne
Hannah Sween, Layout Editor January 30, 2018

The bright, colorful stage lights turn on, focusing toward a young girl standing at the back of the stage. The man behind the piano begins the introduction, stumbles, but continues playing. The girl begins...

Shaffer always comes back to family and perseverance

Shaffer always comes back to family and perseverance
Mira LaNasa, Editor-in-Chief January 30, 2018

Under hundreds of spotlights and in front of countless cameras and dozens of directors is where Chris Shaffer wanted to be since he was a middle schooler. He wanted the thrill of being on live television....

Acosta shares meaningful lyrics with the world

Acosta shares meaningful lyrics with the world
Tess Schoenborn, Online Editor January 24, 2018

The studio was dark, only lit with colorful Christmas lights. It was hot and muggy from the amount of focus that was happening within his mind. The music produced was playing in the back, not loud but...

Brice Hafemeyer, long-lasting nickname ‘Saudi’

Brice Hafemeyer, long-lasting nickname 'Saudi'
Mira LaNasa, Print Editor-in-Chief January 20, 2018

Senior Brice Hafemeyer attempted to mentally prepare himself to move halfway across the globe to Saudi Arabia. He was apprehensive. It was his sophomore year when his parents broke the news. His outlook...

From Germany to Minnesota, Klinkmann displays versatility

Alternative Copy Story by Evelyn Young
Evelyn Young, Playlist Reporter January 20, 2018

Jan Niklas Klinkmann is a foreign exchange student from Germany. While Klinkmann lives in Minnesota, he plays junior varsity basketball and is a leader of his team. Klinkmann's coach thinks of him...

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