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Carl Bohacek has a love for photography, but a different kind of perspective than most are used to. Bohacek takes pictures on a remote control drone with a camera. This gives a bird’s eye point of view. The drone gives a new perspective than what is typically seen. “I love drone photography because it gives me the opportunity to get perspectives that no one else can get,” Bohacek states. Bohacek even gets offered money for his photos in print. Bohacek has a passion for photography and expresses it through drone photography.

Bohacek expresses passion for photography

Luke Higgins, Distribution Reporter December 4, 2017

Senior Carl Bohacek has a passion for taking interesting shots with his camera drone. He takes both handheld and aerial photos. He mainly works solo, but sometimes works with friends who are also into...

Corbett plays her way to the top

Corbett plays her way to the top

Aubrey Kelley, Photography Editor December 3, 2017

                                Alternative Copy Story by Aubrey Kelley Sophomore Penny Corbett has been selected to play violin for the Minnesota Youth Symphonies, which she describes...

Teachers share most memorable career moments

Teachers share most memorable career moments

Kaitlyn Kirby, Business Editor December 2, 2017

  Teachers often have unpredictable days while at work, those very unpredictable moments can sporadically shape their lives. Three teachers share their most memorable experiences and between...

Starting a band of course brings swagger, Weckworth has gained confidence and has really enjoyed himself, “Wow I am so cool I’m in a band,” he adds. All of the band members have a lot of fun and enjoy making music together.

40 Below’s chilling musical talent rises

Mason Wylie, Read and Watch Editor December 1, 2017

This year, a returning band named 40 Below is planning to participate in this year's Battle of the Bands later in January.  The band includes six members: juniors Joseph Weckwerth, Sabrina Ness,...

Hero Fund gives back to local first responders

‘Hero Fund’ gives back to local first responders

Abigail Begin, Field Editor November 30, 2017

John Greenberg's small donation of money to provide free coffee for local emergency service workers has started a new program called the Hero Fund and has inspired a chain reaction in the Stillwater...

The Virgin Islands were hit very hard in the tropical storms. Any donations aid in getting supplies and the rebuilding following massive amounts of devastation.

Rogers lends a hand to the Virgin Islands

Rosalie Braun, Online Editor November 19, 2017

Senior Lauren Rogers took initiative to help raise money for the Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma hit the northern US and Puerto Rico at the end of August. She used the organization All Hands Volunteers...

Zaíd shares journey to America

Zaíd shares journey to America

Josh Mathwig, Copy Editor November 11, 2017

We have several exchange students here in our community. Zaíd, a student from Iraq, is one of them. Exchange students are on the rise in America. The amount of exchange students saw a rise from...

Photo republished with permisson from Stillwater Area High School

Paula O’Loughlin runs for State Representative

Kenzie Coyle, Layout Editor November 5, 2017

School board member Paula O’Loughlin has made many difficult decisions on the board, which has now led to her decision to run for State Representative. O’Loughlin has been a part of the school...

Ness redefines living with Cystic Fibrosis

Ness redefines living with Cystic Fibrosis

Mikayla Cousineau, Distribution Reporter November 1, 2017

Center stage in front of a large audience sounds like the place most people would find themselves in a nightmare. For junior Sabrina Ness, the stage is where her dreams have come true, and the spotlight...

Local National Merit Scholarship semifinalists named

Local National Merit Scholarship semifinalists named

Jesse Brown, Distribution Reporter November 1, 2017

The National Merit Scholarship Competition is like no other competition for high school senior students. It is a competition throughout the entire United States. Less than one percent of students that...

Koenen smiles behind her desk, welcoming students to come and meet her.

Two new Pony Center counselors added

Malaina Fragnito, Playlist Reporter October 27, 2017

  With the addition of freshman and a school population bigger than ever before, two new counselors had to be added to the Pony Centers. The Red Pony Center has added Krista Koenen who has...

Vogel looks over her lines within her practice binder. “I’m glad we’re doing Grease. I think the whole cast is having fun with it,” Vogel says. Students are smiling and their energy and excitement can be felt during practice. The show will be a lot of fun to watch.

Sophie Vogel stars in ‘Grease’

Mira LaNasa, Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2017

Senior Sophie Vogel’s day begins at 6:10 a.m., and ends later than 12 a.m. She wakes up, goes to school, orchestra, work, rehearsal and finally home to study and do homework. All of this work is...

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