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Correa makes debut in the entertainment business

Junior Camila Correa not only acts but also models. “What has been most helpful for me was the opportunity to get involved in the acting community. These agencies created the chance for me to start my career,” said Correa.
Jasmine Hearne December 8, 2013

“Sometimes fate sneaks up on us; some people are born with it, some people never know it. It comes with hardship, loss, regret. But how you face it, how you overcome it, that defines you.” With the...

A sibling diagnosed with cancer is no EZ thing

From left to right Zach (’15), Haley (’20), Trevor (’17) Bria (’14). The Eder-Zdechlik’s takes a family outing to the Wild hockey game for a night of fun. Hockey is a big part of Trevor’s life and a night out with the family was just what he, and his siblings, needs to get their mind off the diagnosis.
Katie Markert December 7, 2013

Time stood still as she awaited the phone call that would undoubtedly change her family’s life. Worry and tears clouded her senses as she numbly stood, pacing, worrying and waiting. Just days earlier...

Carmeli seeks exposure to military life

Junior Alex Carmeli poses by the flag that represents the country he is set on serving in the future. “I joined because it seemed like fun,” said Carmeli. “Plus we also learn practical things such as combat engineering, infantry and first aid.”
Emily Ness December 6, 2013

The United States Naval Sea Cadets Corps (USNSCC) is a national non-profit organization offering American teens and pre-teens ages 11 – 17 an opportunity to experience military life with no obligation...

Beech performs as multifaceted student

Senior Haley Beech excels at everything she does from school to running cross country. “I think that doing well in both academics and athletics really helps reduce my stress,” said Beech.
December 5, 2013

“I think that doing well in both academics and athletics really helps reduce my stress. Senior Haley Beech is a true example of a versatile student athlete. Maintaining a high GPA through high school...

Students travel to serve others

Ellie Anderson November 28, 2013

Early on Oct. 15, most students would be getting ready for school, but 18 were at gate C10 waiting for the start of five days of hard work. St. Croix Catholic Youth Group went to the South Bronx in New...

Benish thrives through music program

Senior Nick Benish playing the cello in one the many music programs he is involved in. Benish said, “It’s hard to imagine what my life would be like without music.”
Kate Price November 27, 2013

Music is a large part of every teenagers life. For senior Nick Benish, it is on a whole different level. Benish started his music career at a young age and has been with it ever since. He is currently...

Ralston returns for second year as BPC counselor

Black Pony Center counselor Dan Ralston returns for a second year. Ralston said, “My favorite part of Stillwater has been the people, students and the staff. They have been great to work with.”
Drew Maiers November 26, 2013

Ralston said, “My favorite part of Stillwater has been the people, students and the staff. They have been great to work with.” As the busy days at Stillwater Area High School draw onwards many of...

Drommerhausen knows how to market marketing

Mrs. Drommerhausen helps students learn the ins and outs of business through her marketing class. “Marketing is everything, that’s what I tell my students.  I strongly believe that everyone utilizes marketing in some way or another during their lives,” said Drommerhausen.
Paul Hudachek November 25, 2013

“That’s what marketing is, it’s a little bit of everything. Marketing is everything, that’s what I tell my students. When you apply to college, you are marketing yourself. Same with applying for...

Zilmer breaks the barriers of traditional learning

Katie Markert November 2, 2013

Walking down the crowded hallway on the first day of school to a new classroom with new students, new coworkers and a new teaching style unused by the rest of the school would be an intimidating obstacle...

Davis back on stage

Junior Jayna Davis perched upon  a well during rehearsals for the upcoming play.
Carson Kuball November 2, 2013

With a voice that radiates any room and a personality that brightens anyone's day, it’s no wonder she has played major roles in two school productions. Junior Jayna Davis, is a star in the making, and...

Students and staff help Nisi battle cancer

Jasmine Hearne November 1, 2013

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug,” said famous American actress, Patricia Neal. Cancer often causes victims to distance themselves from society as they...

Langworthy loves life above the masses

Junior Stone Langworthy swings above the crowd displaying his skills as a trapeze artist.
Olivia Braun October 31, 2013

Langworthy’s older sister did many acts including contortion and triple trapeze.  Her involvement is what interested Langworthy in the first place. “My sister did the circus years before I did...

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