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Purdie and Thompson mentor young girls

Savannah Sylvis April 1, 2014

Being a role model is to be a person whose behavior, example or success is or can be mirrored by others, especially by a younger crowd. The challenge of being a role model is not always a choice.  Young...

Lily Johnson performs in Concert Orchestra’s Concerto Concert

Ryan Longnecker April 1, 2014

Every year, a few students are selected to perform with the concert orchestra at the end of the year to highlight their talents. Most often, it is either a band or orchestra member that gets selected,...

Logan’s path to ‘Homefront’

Author Chuck Logan speaks about his experience of his novel Homefront becoming a movie. “I’m generally called a critically acclaimed unknown author. To me, it was a business deal,” said Logan.
Clara Ilkka March 7, 2014

“You’re parents and teachers will tell you, don’t do it like I did it. I was an accidental journalist, an accidental writer,” said Chuck Logan, a local 71 year old author and father of a Stillwater...

Alm knows no bounds

March 5, 2014

His tall lean figure schlepps through the door, carrying the day's ration of homework, sheet music and the notes from the numerous clubs and organizations he is responsible for. His slow, methodical movements...

Stillwater alumni pursues his passion in meteorology

Meteorologist Chris Shaffer speaks to the class regarding his life story and career. “I loved the weather. I have always loved the weather,” said Shaffer.
Sydney Spreck March 5, 2014

Close calls with the weather are a thing that most Minnesotans have experienced.  In a state that plays host to such weather anomalies as blizzards, tornadoes and hail, it is nearly impossible for native...

Siebert’s spectacular sociology class

By Jordan Ehde
Lucien Lemanski March 4, 2014

Sociology is the study of groups and how groups interact with each other. Basically it is the study of how a person becomes their own individual. Sociology is a class that is offered by teacher Molly Siebert...

Chilikoot cheers on Olympian skier Jessie Diggins

Chilikoot Cafe, Locally owned by Lee Stylos, is just opening on a Sunday morning and the locals are starting to make their way in.
Megan Aller March 4, 2014

The Chilikoot Cafe, locally owned by Lee Stylos, had a gathering for Olympian Skier, Jessie Diggins. Jessie’s 4X5 relay was held on Feb. 15 at 4 a.m. Stylos had planned for everyone to come and watch...

Grace Charpentier takes dancing to a new level

Grace Charpentier has been dancing with Larkin Dance Studio for her entire life, and on Nov. 23 she participated in the Jump Dance Conventions. At the convention she received an award for her talents, which in response to the conventions she said,
Megan Warlborow March 4, 2014

The thumping beat of the music pounds in her chest as she uses her body to tell a silent story. Junior Grace Charpentier is a jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary and theatrical dancer who recently won...

Yaeger steps in as new health teacher

Carson Kuball March 3, 2014

After several years of teaching health at the high school, Deborah VanKlei has left.  Taking her place is health teacher and football coach, Adam Yaeger. Yaeger grew up and went to high school in Spencer,...

Peters performs for Crimson Horizon

Nick Wicker March 3, 2014

The glass door swings closed on the small basement room. Its walls are covered with a mellow green paint and adorned with artistically formed brass candle holders along with sculpted metal objects hanging...

Campbell and Bush rock International Blues Challenge

Fiona Montie February 20, 2014

The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tenn., is the largest competition in the blues industry. This year on Jan. 21-25, the 30th annual IBC was held once again, and senior Tom Bush and junior Colin...

An angel in disguise, Sara Hosek

An angel in disguise, Sara Hosek
Alex Eder February 19, 2014

We don’t always know it, but some people are angels in disguise. Within a certain Stillwater family, there is most definitely one angel disguised in each of their family members. The Hosek family’s...

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