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Howlett recovering, hoping to return by spring

Howlett recovering, hoping to return by spring
Robby Enright, Distribution Reporter February 1, 2015

In the summer prior to the 2014 school year, Bill Howlett decided that he would have to step down from his position as a Assistant Principal in the White Pony Center so he could receive treatment for his...

Karr furthers gymnastics career

Megan McGuire, Online Editor January 14, 2015

Flying and launching their bodies through the air. Twisting and turning, using all the strength they have, hoping to stick the landing. Gymnastics is a difficult sport in which good gymnasts make their...

Video teacher leads with film business past

Video teacher leads with film business past
Alexander Pavlicin, Advertising Editor January 13, 2015

A dark background contrasts with the natural white light filtering in from outside. The weather is dreary; rainfall can be heard hitting the walls of the studio. Yet in the moment, once the red button...

Hancock follows non-traditional career path

Photo courtesy of Hannah Hancock 

Being a fire explorer is demanding, but that does not discourage her from wanting to continue on her path.
Parker Estenson, Advertising Editor January 11, 2015

  High school students around the country view college as the next step in the "timeline of life".  In an attempt to get in their dream school, students are focused on raising their GPA and...

Matschi performs at Academic Awards ceremony

Hannah Crawford, Editor-in-Chief January 5, 2015

Receiving an academic award in high school is something many people are proud of but on September 22, senior Sarah Matschi did a whole lot more than receive an award.  As one of Stillwater Area High School...

O’Connor skates through junior year

Photo by Anna Craggs“I need to get new skates,” O'Connor said. In the past competition she competed in, it was difficult to skate because of the condition her skates are in. Skates cost so much money, but it is worth waiting for. Her mother, Brenna O'Connor, is hoping to get them for her soon.
Caitlin Rademacher, Photographer December 23, 2014

Students spend their time in school or out of school working on school. Add in a job, family activities, sports and clubs, socializing with friends and planning for the future, when is there ever free...

Calvin Stan promoted by SoundCloud

Tiffany Horwath, Team Lead December 22, 2014

Senior Calvin Hanson has had a passion for music since he was young. Now he's ready to take the next step in his music career. Over the past year, he has taken an interest in generating and performing...

Schueler earns elite certification

Schueler earns elite certification
Emily Ness, Video Anchor and Field Reporter December 16, 2014

Andrea Schueler has been a Spanish Teacher in our district for 16 years. Recently, she became the district’s second teacher to earn National Board Certification, an elite teaching credential held...

Hometown popstar gains popularity

Photo by Lars Stannard
Parker Estenson, Advertising Editor December 11, 2014

He's 16 years old with over 22 thousand followers on Twitter, and over 37 thousand fans on YouNow.  He travels almost weekly to shows and fan meet-ups throughout the U.S.  He gets mobbed by fans almost...

Korlin-Downs flips to new team

Megan Fayler, Copy Editor December 10, 2014

Swinging from the uneven bars, pounding on the springboard, pushing through vigorous conditioning and completing routines on floor and beam, gymnasts spread all throughout the gym. One stands out in the...

Dronen draws her way into UW-Stout

Dronen draws her way into UW-Stout
Joe Price, Online Editor December 9, 2014

"Follow your dreams." This is a cliche phrase most children hear over and over again, wherever they go. Like most things, the phrase flies by most kids, who do not really process the words. The reason...

Having a bucketlist motivates to achieve goals

Jordan Fulin, Team Lead Editor November 21, 2014

Bucket lists are  a collection of goals, dreams and aspirations that someone would like to accomplish during their lifetime. Most people have a mental list of things they want to conquer in life, however...

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