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Dear Taysha: We Miss You

Anna Craggs, Photographer

April 27, 2015

Taysha Hein went to the doctor thinking she had the flu, but instead was diagnosed with Leukemia. Taysha's friends back at Afton-Lakeland Elementary School wanted to help her in any way that they could. Jeff Dayton, country singer/songwriter, with the help of Taysha's friends, wrote her a song called...

New club teaches Korean culture

Katie Hutton, Photographer

March 26, 2015

There is writing on the whiteboard. It is illegible, but the 12 people in the room stare at it with intent, somehow able to decipher the lines and circles. A girl writes a second set of lines on the board, no less illegible than the last. Somehow the people in the room are able to read it, even understand...

Maintaining healthy lifestyle through body and mind

Rachel LeMire, Photographer

February 27, 2015

Staying in shape can be a difficult task, especially during the cold winters that keep us inside. While some try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, others participate in rigorous exercise programs. Now more than ever, there are countless ways to stay healthy. From at home workout systems,...

Romportl auditions for All-State

Joey Costa, Advertising Editor

February 25, 2015

In people's minds, all-state in any sport is a huge achievement. This is also true for the music department and all the students. Just like throwing the ball or whacking a puck, playing the strings is not a simple thing. On March 20, junior Teresa Romportl will audition for the all-state orchestra....

Breckheimer and Nederloe shows love has no boundaries

Emily Ness, Anchor

February 13, 2015

February has long been a time of romance. It is the month associated with Valentine's Day. While some would believe that this holiday honors only typical couples, the tides are turning as far as the world's stance on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The LGBT community strives to create a world of acce...

Lake Elmo Park Reserve offers snowshoe lessons

Kayley Winkelman, Photographer

February 12, 2015

On Sunday afternoons at Lake Elmo Park Reserve, a group of snowshoers may be found exploring the great outdoors, enjoying all winter has to offer, while learning about the ancient art form of snowshoeing. From Jan. 4 to Feb. 8, Washington County Parks have been offering two snowshoe lessons every...

Sierra Smith signed as a Gopher

Lexie Sherrick, Editor in Chief

February 11, 2015

The crowd full of maroon and gold sits quietly and intensely watching the ice moments before the puck goes into the net. As it slides in the crowd immediately stands, hands fly in the air, screams can be heard from outside the Ridder Arena and are echoing along the walls and through the fans from the...

Annual winter concert brings chills, in a good way

Amelia Schneider, Copy Editor

January 14, 2015

The winter concert on Dec. 21 and 22 was Stillwater Area High School’s annual concert of holiday music and entertainment. Six ensembles performed. Three of the six are prestigious “Concert” groups (Orchestra, Band and Choir) and the remaining three are the music programs’ after school ensembles. "So...

‘Revenge of The Choir’ hits junior high stage

Matt Brown, Social Media Editor

January 14, 2015

From Shakespeare to Dr. Seuss, the Stillwater Junior High auditorium has seen many productions. However, it has never seen a play written by a student, until now. Junior Adam Sutcliffe has written a play titled, "Revenge of The Choir", a story about how the ensemble of a play takes control of their own...

Schut’s business classes prepare students for life

Schut’s business classes prepare students for life

Chris Faffler, Read & Watch Video Editor

January 11, 2015

Not all subjects teach skills that are going to be used life long, but signing up for business teacher Phil Schut’s personal finance class will leave anyone with what is needed to know about money management. In room E109, many are discovering how important it is to start maintaining finances and ...

Students serving up food

Lucy Langmack, Print Editor-in-Chief

December 25, 2014

Muffled voices and clinging of dishes fill the steamy, thick air. Customers laugh and enjoy their meals in content as waitresses and server assistants quickly move around. They serve with a bashful smile in the dining area, but when they return to their stations in the kitchen the smile disappears. Actually,...

Speech team comes out screaming

Anna Craggs, Photographer

December 24, 2014

Some people in this world find it fun to stand up in front of a bunch of other people and speak their mind. They speak their opinion without caring what anyone else has to say about what they think. However, most of us would rather hide under our beds before we do that and pretend that we do...

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