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EIC Column: Afton Lakeland Elementary demonstrates civic efficacy

Immediately aafter recieving their pocket Constitutions, many of the fifth-graders at Andersen Elementary dove straight into the document to check it out. When asked why it was important to have documents like the Constitution, one student responded that
Hannah Sween, Print Editor-in-Chief November 17, 2018

As his class flipped through the brand new pocket constitutions they had just received, one boy recited the preamble to their very own Constitution, “We the P.I.E.sters, in order to form a more perfect...

Students take ACTion, ACT prep course offerings

Across the country, juniors and seniors prepare to take the ACT, such as junior Haakon Bjork. The competitive nature of the test has created many means of trying to get a better score: apps, books/booklets, and classes.
Elise Truman, Online editor November 16, 2018

  An all-out academic battle, where only the strongest survive, and even fewer thrive. The ACT is a standardized test that the majority of the midwestern and southern students take during their...

Hydro Flask water bottles introduce new hydration systems

Runner Elizabeth Campbell, brings Hydro Flask to cross country practice with cold water beverage, to feel refreshed after her run.
Paige Sanders, Photographer November 16, 2018

Keeping water cold on a hike across the mountains, or keeping hot chocolate hot while playing in the snow is everyone's goal to accomplish. A new bottle, the Hydro Flask, is famous for its insulation...

Youtube, educational ally in classrooms

A student's search for chemistry help guides them to a Youtube account. The search features one of the most popular educational Youtube accounts, Crash Course.
Paige Speedling, Distribtion Reporter November 12, 2018

All over the United States Youtube has been an educational ally. Youtube lets people upload entertaining, educational, informative, or just really interesting videos. A large number of videos on Youtube...

Nektar juice bar opens in Woodbury

Inside of Netkar Juice Bar, many people order and wait for their drinks. A person can wait for their drink right next to where they ordered.
Emma Stansbury, Distribution Reporter November 12, 2018

Nektar is a local juice-bar chain offering specialty drinks and cleansers opened in Woodbury. Nektar, located right off of Valley Creek Road on Queens drive, opened in 2018 and offers many drinks including...

1:1 computer access increases academic performance

Having computer access outside of school can help academically for students.
Marlee McGuire, Social Media Editor November 10, 2018

Applying the use of technology in educational settings is an expectation in schools today. One to one implies that each full-time student is issued a laptop for both home and school use. Some may purely...

Minnesota, highest for political ad spending

Minnesota, highest for political ad spending
Grant Erickson, Podcast Reporter November 9, 2018

If Minnesotans have turned on the television at any point this month, they have almost certainly seen some of the many political advertisements bombarding them. They may have seen House candidate Dean...

‘A Star is Born’ tugs at heartstrings of viewers

'A Star is Born' starting Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, grossed over $30 million early Oct. and continues as a fan favorite.
Ellsa Ohmann, Layout Editor November 7, 2018

“Jack: Can I tell you a secret? [Ally looks over to him] Jack: I think you might be a songwriter. And don't worry, I won't tell anybody. But I'm not very good at keeping secrets.” A Star Is Born...

EIC Column: peer counseling program long overdue

EIC Column: peer counseling program long overdue
Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2018

With three deaths within three years in the Stillwater school district, the ISD 834 school board finally took the initiative to create a mental health program for middle and high school students. It's...

Economic classes should teach cryptocurrencies

Evan Berkowitz is checking bitcoin prices.
Michael O'Gorman, Business Editor November 4, 2018

The energy used to mine cryptocurrencies in 2017 was estimated to power Italy for half a year.  Because of the controversy around cryptocurrencies using so much energy, they are frequently talked...

‘Halloween’ horror turns into a cliche bore

Junior Adam Green chomps down on a Klondike bar late at night while enjoying the original Halloween. Green really enjoys watching horror movies!
Gavan Townsend, Camera Editor November 4, 2018

The original story of Michael Myers took place 40 years ago when he went on a killing spree in his hometown of Haddonfield, IL. Now, Myers is on the hunt again after he has broken out of prison in...

Speak up against hate speech

A popular saying seen at protests against the use of hate speech in America.
Annika Brown, Business Editor November 3, 2018

An increasing concern in our country is hate speech. Hate speech is defined as speech that attacks a certain person or group because of their beliefs, race, or sexuality. Although it would be nearly...

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