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It is imperative voters renew levy

Nissa Wilcox, Layout Editor In Chief October 28, 2021

On election day Nov. 2, district taxpayers will be presented with two questions: an operational levy to continue funding for quality learning to district students and a technology levy to provide new technology...

This yard has seen an increase in dead fish due to chemicals running off into the yard. Because of this, fishing birds have considerably less food.

Climate change can no longer be questioned

Charli Burdick-Kitchell, Graphic Editor and Copy Editor October 23, 2021

The increase of environmental climate change is not an if anymore, it has been affecting everyone yesterday, today, tomorrow and across the globe to personal yards. Climate change is a cause-and-effect...

Seventeen Republican-controlled state legislatures pass laws that further limit their constituents ability to vote in upcoming elections. Supporters say that it will increase voter confidence in our elections, while social activists say that it is an attempt to suppress minority voters.

Republican state legislatures pass voter suppression laws

Jasmine Z. Allison, Social Media Editor October 13, 2021

After the 2020 presidential election, 17 Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed laws that further limited their constituents' ability to vote in upcoming elections. Republican supporters...

Cornelius Rish and Stillwater Area High School students at the Stillwater Bridge protest for Black Lives Matter. Dressed in Black Lives Matter attire, the activists are fighting for another life lost at the hands of the police.

Debunking the stigmas of Black Lives Matter

Jay Lohr, Food Blogger June 6, 2021

Recently during the school day, there have been walkouts in support of Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue. As police brutality and hate towards black Americans have become exposed by the media, the Black...

Local high school students hold thin blue line flags during a Back the Blue walkout. Thin blue line flags are seen as support to law enforcement and a sign of respect for those who sacrificed their lives.

Law enforcement, not systematically racist

Morgan Delaney, Online Editor May 25, 2021

With all of the publicity surrounding the Derek Chauvin trial and the upcoming trial of officer Kim Potter, the integrity of police officers has been called into question. However, the truth is that police...

Photography Editor-in-Chief Mairin Torgersons senior photo.

College students pay full-price for online experience

Mairin Torgerson, Photography Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2021

With millions of students across the globe becoming well-accustomed to attending school from the safety of their homes, it seems online school is the new normal. Though some schools have returned to in-person...

NBC News live streamed the impeachment trial when it was in session. On the left side is where the impeachment managers are and on the right is Trump’s defense.

Trump’s second impeachment should prove him guilty of insurrection

Michelle Cruz, Student Playlist March 6, 2021

Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial began on Feb. 9 due to the violent attacks in the Capital on Jan. 6. The trial took four days with the final decision, "not guilty." However,...

Home Goods in Woodbury has required masks upon entry into the store. This is what is posted on the entrance of the store. Masks need to be mandatory at all stores.

Masks are the easiest way to slow the spread of COVID-19

Ava Fugate, Podcast Reporter November 1, 2020

Masks are the most effective and easily available solution to slowing down the spread of COVID-19, yet wearing them is still not mandatory everywhere because of the controversy surrounding mask wearing....

Updates are being posted via FOX news, controversially calling the fire strictly caused by humans. The Australian wildfires are currently being covered by both scientifically backed stories and articles based on belief.  These differences in article key ideas is revealed in mainstream news sources, being read and taken in all over the world.

News sources withhold awareness: immature, unacceptable

Rosie Nichols, Layout Editor February 24, 2020

The Australian wildfires have taken over and destroyed more than 12.35 million acres of land, killing at least 24 people and destroying more than 2,000 homes. This catastrophic trend of wildfires, bushfires...

AP U.S. history is a class that heavily touches on aspects in the past. Many political views are shown in history and frequently involve students viewing the past from different perspectives. History teachers like Matt Kiedrowski often offer insight to their students about the different perspectives around a event.

Staff Ed: Teachers voice perspectives in classrooms

Pony Express Staff January 8, 2020

Topics in politics keep rising, so do the voices of students. What students learn in a classroom strengthens their voice. When teachers voice their opinions they can inspire students to share their voice,...

Schoology is an online tool used by students and teachers. Students use Schoology to access courses online. Teachers are able to upload assignments students can do on e-days.

Staff Ed: eLearning Days keep students learning during snow days

Pony Express Staff November 26, 2019

  E-Learning or flex days will be implemented this school year. Students can do an assignment virtually on snow or cold days when they will not be in school. This is to prevent adding on days...

The School Board formed a quorum at the correct time at the Nov. 14 meeting.  They formed a quorum when they should not have done so at the Aug. 29 Working Group meeting.  That was the reason they received an opinion letter from Commissioner Alice Roberts-Davis from the Minnesota Department of Administration.

School Board violates Open Meeting Law, not strong enough response

John Franklin, Copy Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2019

On Aug. 29, the School Board formed a quorum at a Finance and Operations Working group meeting, therefore violating Minnesota's Open Meeting Law (OML).  This was confirmed by an advisory opinion letter...

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