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Covington youth handle tense situation better than adults

Martin Kurle, Podcast Reporter | January 30, 2019

A conflict in front of the Lincoln Memorial between a group of Catholic high school boys wearing Make America Great Again hats, a group of Native American men and five black Hebrew Israelites which consisted of shouting racial slurs, chanting and even pounding a drum in a boy's face was first interpreted by the media as the students being the instigators, racists and at fault, but video evidence has...

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Minnesota voters prepare to see marijuana on ballots

Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor | January 30, 2019

Minnesota politicians prepare for a bill that legalizes recreational marijuana use to pass their desks and potentially appear on the 2020 ballot. State Rep. Raymond Dehn recently proposed a bill Jan. 22, that would leave legalization of marijuana up to the voters. Before the measure can appear on the ballot however, it must pass through the House and the Senate. This potential bill states that individuals...

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