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Recent Trump investigation raises many questions

AnnaMarie Born, Business Editor | March 29, 2019

Ever since the 2016 election, there have been allegations against Trump that he had communications with Russia. There have been several investigations, however, Mueller started up the biggest investigation yet. He had been looking into the efforts of Russia during the campaign. The investigation is relooking into the false statements about the 2016 election to seek the truth behind the ties between...

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EIC Column: Palestinians aim to have their voices heard

Lilly Sample, Online Editor-in-Chief | March 10, 2019

On May 14, 1948, Israel became an independent State with David Ben-Gurion as the Prime Minister. What many in the world thought of as a movement to solve anti-semitism became the beginning of a Palestinian ethnic cleansing. Ever since, Palestinians have been fighting for their lives and for their freedom. Their once blooming country has shrunk into small sections of land surrounded and infiltrated...

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