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Updates are being posted via FOX news, controversially calling the fire strictly caused by humans. The Australian wildfires are currently being covered by both scientifically backed stories and articles based on belief.  These differences in article key ideas is revealed in mainstream news sources, being read and taken in all over the world.
News sources withhold awareness: immature, unacceptable
Rosie Nichols, Layout Editor • February 24, 2020

The Australian wildfires have taken over and destroyed more than 12.35 million acres of land, killing at least 24 people and destroying more than 2,000 homes. This catastrophic trend of wildfires, bushfires and any uncontrolled burn has weaved itself into mainstream media more prominently than ever. Without a doubt, social media and key online news outlets hold the majority of the public's eye, more...

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People all over the world protest and advocate for the LGBTQ community. By protesting they use their voice to push for their rights.
Catholic schools should not have power to fire staff based on sexuality
Ava Hoelzel, Photography Editor • February 22, 2020

Two teachers from Kennedy Catholic High School in Washington "voluntarily" resigned Feb. 13. In truth, the school forced the teachers to resign because of their sexuality. Catholic schools have the right to fire gay staff who are married. Kennedy Catholic High School only asked them to resign after the teachers got engaged. Students and staff have hosted protests and walkouts trying to shed light on...

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