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NBC News live streamed the impeachment trial when it was in session. On the left side is where the impeachment managers are and on the right is Trump’s defense.
Trump’s second impeachment should prove him guilty of insurrection
Michelle Cruz, Student Playlist • March 6, 2021

Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial began on Feb. 9 due to the violent attacks in the Capital on Jan. 6. The trial took four days with the final decision, "not guilty." However, he should have been guilty because he encouraged his supporters to be violent and promoted the idea there was fraud in the election. He should have simply admitted his loss and promoted a peaceful transition....

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A woman wearing an American flag. American democracy is a point of pride for many Americans.
America has a democracy problem
Michael May, Student Playlist Reporter • January 25, 2021

U.S. President Ronald Reagan wanted us to believe that America is “the shining city on the hill.” America is supposed to be the champion of democracy, and a leader for the rest of the world to follow. This idea that America is this unstoppable force that can crush anything in its path is simply not true. The systems that were put in place either by the Founding Fathers, or by Congress in the years...

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