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Ready For It? – By Taylor Swift

Ready For It? - By Taylor Swift
Katelyn Krech, Student Playlist October 15, 2017

The new catchy hip hop is one of the new hits on Taylor's new album “reputation”. The song is about a boy who hurt Taylor and she's seeking revenge on him. The song has been in the top  10 in the...

Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Evelyn Young, Playlist Reporter October 14, 2017

'Look What You Made Me Do' is Taylor Swifts newest pop song. It is featured in her latest album Reputation. Swift's song appears to take a hit at Kanye West for bashing her in his song 'Famous' last year....

No such thing as a broken heart Old Dominion

Evelyn Young, Playlist Reporter October 13, 2017

'No Such Thing as a Broken Heart' is part of Old Dominions newest country album, Happy Endings. The band wrote this song spontaneously as they considered if "Jack and Diane ever made it." The song is about...

Attention by Charlie Puth

Evelyn Young, Playlist Reporter October 12, 2017

'Attention' by Charlie Puth is a pop song released in April 2017. With collaboration between Puth and Jacob Kasher they create a song about Puth's ex-girlfriend. Originally the song was intended to be...

The Weeknd concert St. Paul Sept. 24

Malaina Fragnito, Playlist Reporter October 11, 2017

The concert was opened by an aspiring DJ who came out to get the crowd pumped up. Everyone was on their feet dancing and jumping. Next, NAV came out and performed a few of his songs which all sounded similar....

In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young

In Case You Didn't Know - Brett Young
Katelyn Krech, Student Playlist October 10, 2017

In Case You Didn't know- By Brett Young The catchy love song by Brett Young was a single he released this year. The song is about how he fell in love with a girl and was saying how he's “crazy about...

1800-273-8255- By Logic

1800-273-8255- By Logic
Katelyn Krech, Student Playlist October 9, 2017

The sad but touching new release of Logic this year made an impact on many. The songs title is the suicide prevention help line. Logic wanted to make a song to go out to everyone whos feeling down and...

Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith

Malania Fragnito, Student Playlist Reporter September 18, 2017

This song is another one of Sam Smith's R&B/pop cross-over. He sings of a couple who breaks up often, and each time you get hurt the same amount but you cry less and become used to the process off...

Goosebumps – Travis Scott
Anthony Alvarado, Student Playlist Editor May 10, 2017

Once again Travis Scott hits big with a catchy love song. In collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, “Goosebumps” adds another top ten to his album along with “biebs in the trap” and “through the...

Kissing Strangers by DNCE

Photo Courtesy of Direct Lyrics
Lydia Stannard, Student Playlist Editor May 9, 2017

Released April 14, DNCE's newest single, Kissing Strangers featuring Nicki Minaj, stays true to DNCE’s funked out upbeat sound. Minaj’s verse in the middle is fun and spunky, which fits well with DNCE’s...

Age of the Understatement – The Last Shadow Puppets

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
Cates Eliasen, Student Playlist Editor May 9, 2017

Famed indie band, the Arctic Monkey's lead singer, Alex Turner, is also well known for his second band, The Last Shadow Puppets. In their 2008 song, "The Age of the Understatement," they present a WWII...

Loser – Beck
Anthony Alvarado, Student Playlist Editor May 8, 2017

Beck’s alternative hit portrays a kid who knows he’s a “loser” and the feelings he has about it in the fast paced, upbeat song. Beck came up with the idea from one of his friends who always gave...

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