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Arm knitting provides alternative to needles

Arm knit scarves are the new popular accessory, they look good with anything.
Dan Gorman, Distribution Reporter December 29, 2014

Arm knitting is a method of knitting that many students have taken up as a hobby. The reason why this method of knitting is called arm knitting is because instead of using hands and sewing needles, people use...

Sorel Boots kickin’ since 1962

Photo by Anna Craggs Sorel boots are more practical than the fashionable ugg boots, Winkelman said, “There is no comparison to be made between Sorels and Uggs. Sorels are well-made, reliable, and durable. They will survive extensive wear and tear for years and still retain their quality, while keeping your feet warm and supported.”
Marya Redmond, Team Lead December 21, 2014

With winter finally, here winter outfits start showing up in the hallways. One of the fashion trends that is back is Sorel boots. These boots are super good for trekking through the snow but also for around...

Lululemon dominates teenage fashion world

Sophomore Summer Langness sporting Lululemon clothes. Junior Lauren Bernard said, “Lululemon is definitely the most expensive clothing brand that I have heard of. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for. If I had to rate some of the top brands, I would rate Lululemon as like a ten and Victoria’s Secret Sport as like an eight and Nike as like a five. Each company does certain things really well and Lululemon does almost everything really well.”
Allie Langness, Online Editor December 8, 2014

Lululemon is completely dominating the teenage fashion world. The company that was founded in 1998 in Vancouver BC has seen their sales soar over the past two years. The brand hardly has no reason or...

Nike vs Adidas basketball: shoe edition

Photo by Madi Schoenecker Photo featuring Nike Jordans, which along with many other Nike shoes are dominating the athletic shoe world. Patterson said,
Madi Schoenecker, Social Media Editor December 1, 2014

Nike dominates the basketball shoe market with well over 90 percent.  Within the last two or three years, Adidas has become increasingly interested in the industry.  Adidas was founded in 1924 in Herzogenaurach,...

Are Birkenstock sandals as popular as ‘Vogue’ says?

Are Birkenstock sandals as popular as 'Vogue' says?
Madi Schoenecker November 19, 2014

Birkenstocks are quickly becoming one of the most widely known shoe brands in America.  Most of 90’s fashion is making a comeback including this resurrected brand. In the 1890s, Konrad Birkenstock,...

Signs you dress like a hipster

Signs you dress like a hipster
Megan McGuire November 19, 2014
Does your closet consist of mainly vintage clothing, graphic T’s, bold accessories, or skinny jeans? “Hipster” is a term that includes these characteristics, but many people have different opinions and definitions of what hipster fashion actually is.

Trending socks

Photo by Stephanie Nielsen Featuring Junior Isabel Day wearing knee high socks. “I like wearing knee high socks because they’re super comfortable and warm, and they look really good with skirts,” said Sluss.
Caitlin Rademacher, Photographer November 19, 2014
Socks are not just socks anymore. This simple accessory has become a way to keep your feet warm and now is a way to be expressive for many young girls.

Fantastic flannel fashion

Fantastic flannel fashion
Sabrina Storms, Lead Video Editor October 14, 2014
The staple outfit for a lumberjack is a flannel but that stereotype is long gone as flannels are now in fashion for both genders. This is a rare occurrence. Usually male and female fashion staples are completely different.

Nose Rings: a new fashion

Nose Rings: a new fashion
Sam Hudachek October 13, 2014

Fashion has changed recently in high school. Many older styles that were once lost are now returning. However, one fashion that is starting up is not new clothing or hairstyles, it is nose rings. There...

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