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Photo by Calli Clay
Retro swimsuits have a flattering design, which has helped to increase the popularity.  Since retro swimsuits tend to cover up more skin than regular ones, people who wear them feel more confident.

50’s style returns to the beach

Calli Clay, Social Media Editor May 13, 2015

Retro swimsuits are the next big thing in swimwear fashion. These swimsuits are 50's style, typically high-waisted and polka-dotted. They are made to be an easy way to be cute, conservative and comfortable...

Warm weather brings rompers

Warm weather brings rompers

Megan McGuire, Online Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2015

  Traditional one-piece jumpsuits, featuring full tops and pants, have been around for decades. Rompers are similar to the jumpsuit, except they are typically shorter on the bottom and have...

Nails of a different color

Stephanie Nielsen, Fashion Blog Photographer April 30, 2015

Almost like magic, this trending new nail polish seems to detect your mood and change colors accordingly. Color changing nail polish is in style this spring. Some nails change with temperature when submerged...

Feather corsages make prom appearance

Samantha Flipp, Broadcast Field Reporter April 29, 2015

The tradition of giving your prom date a corsage has been around since the early 20th century. Today there are a few new styles that are more popular this year than ever before. One fun new style is...

 Photo by Calli Clay  
 Sophomore Ava Coleman said,

Grungy and versatile, boyfriend jeans bring back simplicity

Calli Clay, Social Media Editor April 13, 2015

For many years, mom jeans, otherwise known as boyfriend jeans, were seen as something only mothers should be wearing. However, in today’s fashion world, boyfriend jeans are the next greatest thing. Mom...

Quest for the dress: two-piece prom dresses make the ranks

Quest for the dress: two-piece prom dresses make the ranks

Madi Schoenecker, Social Media Editor April 11, 2015

Prom is an integral part of the American high school experience.  Girls spend hundreds of dollars on dresses, accessories and getting their hair and nails done.  Prom is on May 2 and some girls still...

Outdoor brand offers organic options

Katie Hutton, Visual Arts Managing Editor March 17, 2015

Food, exercise and healthy activities are growing more popular as awareness about the human body grows. Quinoa and couscous are not just foods seen on cooking shows and there are more gyms available than...

The old is new: 90's style comes back

The old is new: 90’s style comes back

Tiffany Horwath, Team Lead March 15, 2015

Many different styles from history are making a comeback in today's fashion. One of the most popular decades for style is the 90's. "High waisted jeans and shorts, old T-shirts that were cut into crop-tops,...

Fun lip colors display student confidence

Fun lip colors display student confidence

Taylor Haberman, Social Media Reporter February 27, 2015

Bright lip colors used to be a thing that was only viewed as appropriate at formal events. If they were worn anywhere else, one was trying too hard or looked over dressed. Lately, they have been popping...

Hunter rain boots provide function and fashion

Hunter rain boots provide function and fashion

Rachel LeMire, Photographer February 22, 2015

Boots have always been a crucial component to winter attire. In Minnesota, where winters are cold and snowy, the protection boots provide is a necessity. Although function is extremely important, it’s...

Photo by Ali Thul

Students travel to the past through antiquing

Ali Thul, Team Lead Editor February 17, 2015

Antiquing is a prevalent in Stillwater's culture. Look at downtown Stillwater for example, there are countless antique shops that hold treasures inside. Students are antiquing more and more due...

Toms: From profit to charitable organization

Toms: From profit to charitable organization

Marya Redmond, Team Lead February 13, 2015

  Toms has expanded its company and with that has shifted the focus from profit to charitable organization. “Toms are not only great shoes but its also a really good feeling to know you...

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