Chamber Orchestra


Alex Steil

The amazing team of the 2020-2021 Chamber Orchestra. Every single one of them looks great and played amazing!

Morgan Reilly, Online Editor

Playing an instrument takes a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, practice. But for the Chamber Orchestra it’s not just people coming together to play music, it is a family. With everything that has happened within the past year, there were many challenges the orchestra faced. Their last concert was May 26, which to the seniors is the most valuable event in their high school career. Due to the fact that this is the last concert of the school year and most likely the last concert for seniors, the songs and the placement of the students on the stage need to be perfect.

In order to get into Chamber Orchestra they typically hold auditions every year in the late spring or every fall, but since this year was so crazy and unpredictable, former orchestra teacher Zach Sawyer did not hold auditions this year. Instead, they selected members based on their prior talent, experience and recommendations from peers and teachers

Mastering a certain instrument can take years to accomplish. Emma Cass plays the viola which is a very tedious instrument to play. I have been playing in orchestra for seven years,” Cass said.

The amount of dedication and patience it takes to play an instrument for that amount of time is truly amazing. Playing in an orchestra is a very sophisticated extracurricular activity—it is a passion.

In order for the orchestra to master their songs selected for their concerts, there is so much preparation needed ahead of time. For example, how the seating chart will look, what songs to practice, when different instruments come in. 

“I would say it usually takes the orchestra collectively about 3 months of both in-class learning and practicing at home to prepare for a concert. However, this year we have had less time to prepare during the school day so that’s forced us to be a bit more reliant on everyone practicing at home,” cello player Nathan Sherman said. The amount of time and effort it takes to prepare for these concerts is insane. Hours upon hours of work go into these.  

Due to the fact that there is an entire pandemic going on, it was hard to have an audience this year. At one point, no one could come to the auditorium and watch the orchestra play. “This year we have had to live-stream our concerts rather than typically playing in the school auditorium. Recently, though, we got permission to return to performing for our families and friends in the auditorium again so that was cool,” Sherman explained. 

Even though having a live stream is better than nothing, playing in front of a camera can be sad in a way; everyone worked so hard and took months preparing just to play in front of a camera. But, they powered through it and did an amazing job with every single concert. Now all of their hard work and playing in front of a camera has paid off, the audience can now attend every single concert.

Due to all of the hardships that went on this school year and the one before that, the Chamber Orchestra did nothing but an awesome job powering through and playing their best. They did such an amazing job on their last concert on the 26th, and all of the seniors should be so proud of themselves with the performance of their last concert. Next year, with the now juniors being seniors, so many new people are going to make the orchestra amazing.