‘Lie Lie Lie’ by Joshua Bassett, well received

Joshua Bassett’s brand new album EP is pretty thin, but he is young and just got off a TV show musical so getting out six songs and three good songs is pretty impressive if he writes his songs without help. “Lie Lie Lie,” one of the better ones from the album, and has a duplicated version of the same song, entirely acoustic piano; both versions were released this year.

You can hear from listening to both versions that whoever mixed the original song did an awful job with the beat. It is not Bassett’s fault because young pop stars only record vocals, instruments, and some write the lyrics, and that part of the song is good. But once the chorus of the song comes in, the beat sounds like it’s from 2001 and annoyingly loud. The beat overpowers the vocals and distracts you, unlike the properly blended piano-only song.

The guitar is excellent in the original song, but sadly they muddied it up for most of the song besides the intro and one bridge with too much extra noise and a bad beat taking away from the interesting guitar part.

The lyrics are relatively creative, and unlike most new songs, there isn’t too much repetition with a noticeable difference in each verse and intro with just the chores repeating. Keeping the lyrics fresh throughout the song isn’t easy and takes skill if he has no writer.

Overall the song “Lie Lie Lie” is excellent, minus the beat and background sound effects they threw all over the song for no reason. If you can get over that or even better, listen to the version that’s just piano and Bassett’s voice, it’s a very well-written piece.