Stilly Media hosts car meet in Hudson


Photo submitted by Trent Tillet

Junior Trent Tillett’s 2009 Toyota Tacoma DCSB TRDOR 4X4 posing in the sunshine.

Jayden Leach, Playlist Reporter

As the snow melts, the car community comes out of its winter hibernation and is starting to plan meets. Stilly Media, a student-run group, is hosting a car meet in Hudson on May 15th. More meets will also be springing up around the area.

A group of students created a group called Stilly Media. The group was created back in 2018, by a group of friends who love cars and trucks. The goal of this upcoming meet is to bring people together, tell stories and make new friends. Junior Trent Tillet has been a member of Stilly Media since his freshman year and has created a lot of memories and friendships at the car meets.

“I’m really excited to relax around the cars, and talk to the different people that will be there,” Tillet said. 

The group has an unconditional love for trucks and cars. Stilly Media posts pictures and videos on Youtube and Instagram that cover different experiences and cars at particular car meets. It all started when they were young boys dreaming about owning their first vehicle.

Tillet explained that his grandfather owns an auto repair shop and loves helping fix the vehicles with him. Now that he is old enough to drive and own a vehicle, Tillet has an Instagram account @tacoma_tillet that he posts pictures of his 2009, Toyota Tacoma DCSB TRDOR 4X4.

I’m super excited for this opportunity to meet new friends and talk about different stories and share the experience with the car community,”

— Isaiah Erickson

Junior Isaiah Erickson is the leader of Stilly Media. He runs the Instagram and Youtube accounts of Stilly Media. The meetup is meant for people in the car community to go and socialize with the people and learn about the cars in the community.

“I’m excited for the number of people that come to the meets. The last meet had about 100 people and it was fun to learn about the different cars and the stories that come with it,” Tillet said.

As the spring season approaches, the cars that have been hibernating in the garages all summer will finally see the light. The upcoming meet will be arranged at Prospect Park in Hudson, Wisc. May 15.

“We don’t schedule the meets that often because then more are likely to attend and it is a lot more fun,” Erickson said.

Erickson posts pictures on Instagram of his favorite car’s moments from the many car events that he goes to. He puts a lot of time and effort into making videos for his LLC and posts them on youtube @STILLY MEDIA.

“We want our followers and subscribers to learn no matter what car they drive, who they are, where they came from, we all are here for cars. There’s so much controversy in the car community and we are trying to make it all one big family, we call it unity.”

The car meets are just getting started. Many meets will be scheduled this summer after a long year during a pandemic. More information about cars, videos, and future car meets will be posted on the Stilly Media page on Instagram.

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