Chasia Riddle graduates high school early to join the army


Photo submitted by Chasia RIddle

Chasia Riddle gets her first promotion in the army. She will be leaving for her training in April.

Joshua Wallace, Playlist Reporter

Senior Chasia Riddle graduated school early to join basic training for the Army. She leaves for basic training in April and is set to be there until September, which includes a two-week quarantine at the beginning of her training.

Rachel Steil, sophomore English teacher, in particular, had a big impact on her life. Chasia had to do many PSEO classes, which is taking a college class as a high school student, but getting high school and college credits for the class, her junior year to graduate high school early and is now proud to be joining the Army.

Chasia is a driven student who has done many things in her life to succeed, for example when she set her mind on joining the Army she did two full years of PSEO so she could graduate school early. This allowed for her to join the Army before her fellow classmates were out of school. 

Many people do not always agree with or choose to not go to a two or four-year college after high school, therefore the decision for kids to go into the military right after high school is a big deal. If kids are willing to serve our country instead of going to college right away that is something that speaks volumes. 

“I think, if it is the right decision for them, it doesn’t matter what your future holds, as long as you’re making that decision. I’m really proud of her for doing that because I know there is sometimes a stigma that’s attached to kids who make alternate choices outside of that traditional college pathway,” Steil said.

Being in the military there are many benefits and long-term perks that many people do not even realize. For example, they essentially get free housing if they live on base, they get their education paid for, and they have very good retirement options as well. 

“I plan on staying in the Army for 20 plus years to see how high up I can rank, also they pay for my college and your retirement if you stay in for 20 years which is super nice”, Riddle added.

People face many different emotions after going into the military because they are about to do something they have never experienced before. There is a lot of pressure on them to be in very good physical shape as well as being mentally stable, this just adds stress to people before they leave for many months away from home. 

“I am really excited because I know it’ll shape me into the person I want to be, and I know it will help me become an adult, but I am also somewhat scared to be away from my people for so long, such as my family and boyfriend,” Riddle explained. 

Being in the military is one of the few ways to serve the country as a whole, for people to risk their lives to do so means a lot. Only about one percent of the American population is willing to join the military, therefore those who do are well respected.  Also, many people who join now do so because their parents or grandparents have done so and they want to show their respect to them as well.

“I know I want to help people, as well as serve and follow my grandparent’s footsteps, therefore I think this is a great opportunity for me,” Riddle said.

I know I want to help people, as well as serve and follow my grandparent’s footsteps, therefore I think this is a great opportunity for me.”

— Chasia Riddle

One of the best ways for high school students to move quickly through high school is to take PSEO classes. Riddle used this to her advantage by doing full-time PSEO during her junior and senior years of high school. Very few kids take full-time PSEO and graduate early, therefore Riddle stands out in our community for doing so. 

“I did PSEO my junior and senior year which gave me extra credits in high school because college credits are double the high school credits, which allowed me to move at a quicker pace,” Riddle explained.

All throughout high school, Riddle has been a hard-working student who is dedicated to what she does. She strives to succeed in whatever she does, it has shown in almost everything she has done. For her to take this next step in her life isn’t something that surprises any of us. 

“I know that what she does in the Army, or whatever she does after that, it is just a stepping stone to something else in which she will be very successful,” Steil added.

Riddle worked super hard to get where she is now and she is excited to see what the future holds for her. She is proud to be serving our country.