Girl track and field gears up for season after a year off


Photo submitted by Heather Wiehe

The girls track and field Varsity Track team back in 2019 winning the 4AA championship. Track and field will start their season during spring break.

This year, spring sports are back in session and girls track and field will look different with the pandemic still going on. New teammates are going to be joining the team that freshman and sophomore since last year the season was canceled. This team is still looking forward to making it the best. 

Girl track and field are back in the field this coming up spring, with new teammates for the season. Last year’s freshman did not have a season due to pandemic, but this year they get to play with some COVID-19 restrictions. Athletes had some doubts if the season was going to happen, but it is going to happen and they are excited. Also, seniors on the team are delighted that they can connect with the new teammates.

“We didn’t really have a season last year due to covid, and this year we have a lot of restrictions. We have to be masked unless we are running in an event, and stay spaced out. There are no tryouts this year either,” sophomore Eva Stafne said.

I am so excited that we are able to have a track season this year. I love the team and the atmosphere everyone creates together, so being able to be back with my teammates and the coaches makes me extremely happy,” senior Heather Wiehe added. 

This year’s freshmen look forward to getting better at different skills and timing from events. These girls are also thrilled to meet coaches, teammates and receive advice to improve their skills. Seniors are also looking forward to seeing what talents and improvements new younger players bring. 

“I expect that I’ll be able to improve my own skills in each of my events form/technique and time-wise, as well as get more experience with more skilled competitions. I’m really excited to learn from new coaches and older players who are much more skilled than I am and hear what tips they have,” freshman Cayman Pagel said.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the new talent and friendship opportunities that the freshmen offer our team. It is always fun to watch the younger girls improve throughout the season,” senior Heather Wiehe added.

Juniors on the team are looking forward to having an incredible season, but it will look different. The season is going to be shorter, they will have many athletes at a meet and hope to make it through the whole season without any issues. The girls are also hoping they make it to the True Team Section as they did in 2019.

I am so happy that we get to have a season this year and that I can run with my senior friends one last time before they leave,” added Junior Abby Hansen “ I hope this season we win true team sections again and make it back to true team state like we did in the 2019 season.”

— Abby Hansen

Junior Abby Hansen is happy she is going to have the last season with her senior friends before they leave. Wiehe also hopes that they make the season without interference from many Covid issues or setbacks.

They feel confident having players who are really astonishing runners that are going to benefit the team. They also are setting goals for themselves and are looking forward to meeting sprinters. 

“I feel good about the season. Our long-distance runners are very good (most of them do cross-country in the fall) and we have a lot of great sprinters,” Stafne added. “I’m setting a new personal record for the 100, and break 12.8 seconds. Also to meet all the sprinters, because I wasn’t able to last year.”

Also for freshmen who are transitioning from middle school track to high school, they know that high school is going to be a different level. There are going to be changed for them this year, which might be adapting to different levels of competing or even focusing on strategies that help. 

Pagel thinks the biggest change in high school track “will be in competition and skill, trying to match or match that level when I was in middle school” would be different from previous experience. 

Older girls on the team are going to make new freshmen feel welcome to the track team. They are excited to meet and communicate with each other. They want to make everyone on the team feel comfortable and lucky they are going to collaborate.

“I am looking forward to meeting the new freshmen, making new friends, and making sure they’re happy that they joined track and field,” Abby Hansen said “I am looking forward to seeing all of the new talent and friendship opportunities that the freshmen offer our team. It is always fun to watch the younger girls improve throughout the season,” Wiehe added. 

“I want the new team members to know that everyone is so nice and it’s such a fun sport even if you are just there to have fun and get in shape and don’t really care about competing as much,” Hansen said.

Be on the lookout for the Stillwater Girls Track & Field team this year! We are ready to dominate,” Wiehe added.