“Dangerous the Double” by Morgan Wallen, must listen

Morgan Wallen’s fame has grown immensely in the past year. He is a Preacher’s Son from a small Tennessee town taking after many things his father has done including his hairstyle. Wallen walks around confidently with the same mullet look his dad used to have. Wallen started his music career on The Voice in 2014 and was told he had an extremely manly voice from the one and only Shakira. Wallen has grown tremendously from his time on The Voice. Dangerous the Double is only Wallen’s second album in his music career and it was a huge hit as expected. The artist racked up 3.4 billion streams and a few number one songs on the billboard top ten. An average album has 12 – 15 songs, Dangerous had 30 songs lasting one hour and thirty seven minutes, longer than some movies!

Wallen is sometimes referred to as the future of country music and this album really showed why he received that title. Wallen can pull in many different listens as he has all sorts of different beats like trap beats in “Wasted On You” and slower beats on songs like  “Somebody’s Problem”. Wallen features many other big artists in his songs such as Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett on “Bartender”. Wallen gained popularity when he made more appearances in public. He would show up to college gatherings and party like he was a student there. He has a rough party side to him described in songs like “Country A$$ Sh*t”. He shows off the redneck side with “Red Necks, Red Letters, Red Dirt” song with Luke Combs. 

Wallen has different tones in all 30 of these songs. Wallen is most effective when he doesn’t let the background noise take over and he uses his voice to take over. He shows this in his song “865” which consists of a Knoxville phone number that was obviously very important to him because he memorized all 10 digits of the number. Wallen is obviously a fan of drinking and the normal country stereotype as 22 of the 30 songs included some reference to drinking.

Wallens 30 song album is 17 songs longer than the average album. Nothing can be perfect and this includes Wallens album as a few of his songs were a little dull and boring for example “Outlaw” and “Whatcha Think of Country Now”. With the minor setbacks of these few bad songs and the extremely long album I still think this album was a great success. My top recommended songs would be “Somebody’s Problem”, “Sand in My Boots.” and “More Than My Hometown.” These were extremely hard to pick as the whole album was extremely good, everyone should try giving it a listen.