‘Coming 2 America’ provides nostalgic feeling


Photo by Calli Dierkhising

This image shows the reboot of Coming 2 America now streaming on Amazon Prime. Due to the easy access of the movie, Coming 2 America has gained the attention and opinions of many.

Calli Dierkhising, Food Blog Reporter

Coming to America gained the attention of many as the reboot released on March 4. It has been a family favorite for decades, and with increased downtime during quarantine, teens and parents get to enjoy this nostalgic film once again. The reboot follows Eddie Murphy’s character, Prince Akeem, as he travels to America to find his lost son. The second film is better than the original film of Coming to America. However, students and parents share their genuine reviews, informing us if Coming to America, along with Coming to America 2 is worth the watch, or not. 

The Rom-Com fairy tale, Coming to America 2, was planned to hit theaters last year but was sold due to the pandemic by Paramount Pictures. With the movie now available on Amazon Prime, it is far more accessible, leading to a larger viewing audience. 

“I would say if people saw the first one and enjoyed it, it’s the same type of humor and they would possibly enjoy the second one too. I didn’t find it to be very humorous myself or entertaining. I found myself kind of drifting off here and there because of the boredom I was feeling so I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the plot,” parent Ann Ludwig said.

There are positive aspects of the film, but, this movie is seen to not be a favorite for everyone. 

The reboot was shot 33 years after the first original movie, making this nostalgic for those who were around to watch the first film. The directors made sure to have the main actors return for the reboot in order to continue the film accurately. Past generations are thought to connect deeper than those of the present generation because of their familiarity with the plot and characters. 

Junior Kiki Krize believed, since the first movie was made around 30 years ago, it connects deeper to those who saw the first movie and then went to watch the second one.

It provides a nostalgic feeling to their childhood, compared to the teens who are just now discovering and enjoying the films. However, this comedy would both be found funny, not only the older generation but also the younger generation. Although those of the past generations may feel more connected to the film, this reboot can still be enjoyed by all.

With how the reboot ended, there are many speculations that the third Coming to America might be possible.

If people saw the first one and enjoyed it, it’s the same type of humor and they would possibly enjoy the second one too.”

— Ann Ludwig

“I think it’s quite possible because of how the movie ended with a common theme of empowering women. Women of the ruling, especially having all of the racial issues that we’ve all faced and having the majority of the cast is black, showing the diversity of cultures and race,” Ludwig added.

There is a possibility that with this new plotline, another reboot could be made, breaking off into another storyline.

With the role of women empowerment being portrayed in the second movie, it draws many viewers in out of respect for bringing awareness to the issue of gender equality. The movie plot followed many Africa cultural misconceptions and stereotypes of that particular country. However, when it came to a man for the ruler, the directors decided to go a different route. 

Krize said without even seeing the films, based on the description of the movie, she would be open to watching this reboot. Price is, “not a fan of the comedy genre of movies”, but based on the role of women empowerment of different ethnicity, she would be interested in seeing the plot. 

Since this is a newer movie, the improved graphics, compared to the original movie, also made it enjoyable to watch. Community member Shawn Goldsmith continues that he too enjoyed watching the movies, but found himself enjoying the reboot more. With the original movie being released in 1988, not only the quality of the film has improved, but also aspects and opinions in society. 

This is a classic film that conveys a positive message for not only females but humanity. The producers were able to successfully create a story that encompasses nostalgia from the past and social issues from the present, with humor wrapped into the plot to entertain the viewer. Consider watching the new reboot, or the original, to discover your personal opinion of the Coming to America Films.