Lyrics to GO Vol.2 by Kota the Friend

The Brooklyn rapper, Kota The Friend dropped his latest album ¨Lyrics to GO Vol. 2¨ on Jan. 18. ¨Lyrics to GO, Vol 2.¨ is a brisk 15 minutes and 22 seconds, and each song is less than 2 minutes. Do not mistake the brevity for a lack of content though, Kota is one of the most uplifting, positive and talented artists in Hip Hop currently. Kota is known for giving top tier lyricism over chill, laid back beats. In fact this album, Kota used beats the he found on Youtube by searching ¨Kota the Friend type beat.¨

Fans of Kota have expressed that they like the album and especially like the lyrics of the album. The messages and ideology attached to each song makes people really understand how good of an artist that Kota is. This project was similar to the album he dropped back in 2020 called ¨Lyrics to GO Vol 1.¨, but very different from his most known albums like ¨Everything¨, or ¨Foto¨. The fans of Kota felt like the other albums were feel-good tracks that were longer than just two minutes, and Kota put everything he had into those albums.

The ¨Lyrics to GO¨ albums are really what the name is. It is a perfect album to listen to on the go. It is refreshing to hear Kota the Friend branch out and explore new ideas and themes. Though his jazzy and lo-fi register intact, he brings an undeniable energy and passion onto ¨Lyrics to GO Vol 2.¨- one that magnifies his naturally thoughtful personality. The Brooklyn rapper makes it clear in the music that he is entering a new chapter in his life and though he is not completely anxiety free, he is still embracing the change.