El Último Tour Del Mundo by Bad Bunny

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio–known as Bad Bunny–is a Puerto Rican rap singer and songwriter who released his latest album, “El Último Tour Del Mundo” on Nov. 27, 2020. His album includes 16 songs with features from Jhay Cortez, Rosalia and Abra. During quarantine Bad Bunny decided to drop a new type of music. This album brings in new types of sounds with electronic rap, R&B, also mixed with a little bit of rock but still was in the reggaeton style.

This was one of my favorite moments from Bad Bunny because he released new music when no one else did. I feel he made an excellent choice of dropping his album in the middle of a pandemic, because we were in a lockdown with nothing else to listen to. All his songs sound from the heart because of the lyrics and the titles. All of his songs are amazing, but one of my most favorite songs is called “Yo Visto Asi” which means “I Dress Like This”, because the meaning behind it is that he can dress how he wants to and doesn’t care what people think about his style. “Me pongo lo que quiera, tu no lo va’ a pagar,” translates to “I wear what I want, you won’t pay for it,” which makes the point that we should not care about other people judging us, because we can buy what we want and make out own choices.

Another good song  is “120” which had more of a vibe with a fast beat in the beginning, and then it slowly transitioned to a car’s speeding noises then a slower rhyme at the end. That one caught my attention because of the beats that were going and the way his voice went well during the music. This Spanish album was number 1 on the Billboard albums chart. Bad Bunny did an amazing job bringing together some new beats and styles with creative lyrics, and this album gave the pandemic some happy and joyful vibes that it really needed.