Why super teams are ruining professional sports


Creative Commons image by Derral Chen

James Harden before he requested trade to Brooklyn Nets.

Many professional sports teams are potentially ruining their sport by forming super teams. In the NBA the Brooklyn Nets just made a trade in which they acquired James Harden which made people either super happy or upset. Also in late December, MLB team San Diego Padres signed two of the best two pitchers Blake Snell and Yu Darvish, this instantly made them World Series favorites for this year. With many teams doing this it is losing fans and creating a less competitive culture throughout the sport. 

Overall, the players always get what they want and they will do whatever to make that happen. When it comes to James Harden he just wouldn’t show up to any team events including practices and games.

CBS  reporter Bill Reiter wrote, “Harden again has what he wants. He, K.D. and Irving are the most talented NBA trio since Miami’s Big Three, at least on paper.”

Professional athletes like James Harden always find a way to get what they want and will do whatever they can to get with the best couple of players from another team. They do this just so they have a chance at winning the championship. This is ultimately ruining the game because all of the other teams aren’t even close to as good as these few teams, therefore they lose fans and or motivation. Also, these players who are doing this are losing their own fans because they have no class or respect towards anyone but themself. 

Coaches and owners are becoming too flexible with players and need to punish guys. If they don’t show up or try to tell the owner what to do they should be fined or suspended.

“I think owners should stand their ground and punish players. For example, when Harden said he didn’t want to be on a team with Westbrook the Rockets traded Westbrook away to keep Harden and then Harden wanted a trade and that is not fair and just a rude move by him,” junior Tanner Voight said.

Owners just feed into what the players want these days and the players do not get punished for violating team conduct or anything. Players have too much control over everyone and everything just because of how talented they are. No team wants to lose their all-stars, therefore they don’t punish them hoping they will come back on their own. Overall, owners have a lot more control over these super teams than they think and they need to figure how to fix it to balance out the competition.

Owners should stand their ground and punish players.”

— Tanner Voight

The MLB has had the least super teams in recent years. Although you get a few mixed in like the Yankees or Dodgers each year, it isn’t like this year.

New York Times reporter James Wagner published, “The San Diego Padres, long one of Major League Baseball’s quietest teams, jolted the sport this week. The Padres grabbed two elite pitchers, swelling the franchise’s payroll at a time of deep financial uncertainty in the game and immediately becoming a favorite to win the 2021 World Series.”

Besides the NBA other sports are now starting to really form super teams as well. The Padres are one of the few teams in the MLB to sign multiple all-stars at once. This year the world series is already favored towards them and other teams in the league won’t even be able to compete with them. Overall, the MLB doesn’t have many super teams, but if it continues to happen, due to low competition, they will lose many more fans than they already have. 

Understandably, players and owners want to win championships and it does make sense. Everyone no matter what level they are at in their life or what they are doing they want to be successful just like the owners and players. Although if they continue to form super teams it may benefit them now, but in the long run it will hurt the overall sport because the competition level will drop and fans will get bored. 

Forming super teams is a bad idea for teams and sports in the long run because of financial, fan-based, and competition reasons. Players want to win games, but instead of taking the easy way out and requesting a trade to the best teams, they should fight for their teams and build chemistry to make them better. This would allow for much more competition throughout the sport and would allow for everyone to have a somewhat fair chance at winning the championship.