Taylor Swift’s 14-year-long career


Fair use image from Taylor Swift

This is from Taylor Swift’s website as she promotes the deluxe version of her new album, Evermore.

Michael May, Student Playlist Reporter

Taylor Allison Swift just released her eighth and ninth studio albums, Folklore and Evermore to the public during 2020, marking another change in sound and aesthetic during the singer’s 14-year long career. Swift has been through many ups and downs during her time in the limelight, and even with every headline or sound change, she has been able to maintain both the public eye and a cult following of fans that follow her with a very close eye.

 “She’s original, and she’s very talented,” junior Katie Liss said. “Her songwriting like they all connect over like she uses these easter eggs.”

Swift has just made another sonic change in her discography, switching to a more Indie Folk type of sound that would not be lost on a Haim or Bon Iver record, both of whom appear on her latest LP.

The Easter eggs that Liss mentioned cause many fan theories that bounce around the internet, the most recent is that there will be a third sister album to round out a trilogy with her Indie Folk sound, called Woodveil. Swift tried to squash those theories in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, but her fans are persistent, and the theory still runs strong. 

With all these changes in style during her career, and with an audience that big, not everyone is happy with her new direction. 

Junior Kaspar Millfelt explained that the new albums are “definitely not my favorites but like… they’re definitely like, not the worst.”

She’s literally like my childhood like I have like, memories from each of the albums like each of her eras, with my own life.”

— Katie Liss

Her turn to a more pop-oriented sound no doubt has landed her some of her biggest hits yet, but have also been some of her lowest rated albums by fans according to their Metacritic score. 

One thing that has been consistent throughout her whole career, however, is her songwriting/storytelling ability. Swift has always been able to tell incredibly vivid stories while adding super minute details that could almost seem irrelevant at first, but what she actually does with these details is bring these stories to life as almost no one can right now. 

The fact that these last two records are related to each other has allowed for story telling on an even larger scale, Liss said, “it’s like a whole cinematic universe.” 

While these records are not conceptual, Folklore does contain a multi track storyline within it. Cardigan, August, and Betty is a teenage love story that is about infidelity, heartbreak, and forgiveness. The later record does not have a mini concept like this, but it is not lacking in stories, from Swift discussing her late grandmother in Margorie, to the murder mystery on No Body No Crime

These stories, whether they are true or fictional, can really resonate with her fans and keep them coming back with each new release. 

Liss added, “she’s literally like my childhood like I have like, memories from each of the albums like each of her eras, with my own life.” 

With so many LPs under her belt, Taylor Swift has grown a cult following of young adults who have been there for every release and every tour, and Swift has been a large part of their lives growing up, and she does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.