Students react to seeing their childhood cartoon characters on film


Photo by Jorge Moreno Sanchez

This is the actual movie playing in the background. This pictures shows all the main characters from the show returning one more.

Jorge Moreno Sanchez, Cartoon Editor

The show “Phineas and Ferb” was one of those shows that made memories in the lives of their audience. Their fanbase was huge and the show was loved even by adults.

The show ended back in 2015, leaving many fans devastated. This year, in late March,  the producers have come back together to bring the series back in the form of a movie. Students were excited to watch a review of the movie to see how closely it resembled the show.

There are a lot of good aspects in the movie. The movie brings back the same characters. It brought back the antagonist from the show along with the protagonist. In the movie, both Phineas and Ferb have to work together with Dr. Doofenshmirtz to find Candance and Doofenshmirtz’ daughter and bring them back to earth. Some audiences liked this idea. 

“I truly loved how they let the antagonist work with the protagonist,” junior Dharayu Barento said. 

The show was very well known to be child and family friendly. This causes some of the scenes to be predictable. Again, some viewers find this humorous. This was also one of the main reasons it was a big hit. 

“Yeah it was very memorable as when I watched as a child but found it was also very predictable which I found funny,”Barento explained. 

Behind the show was a very loyal fanbase. They even made a website just for the movie itself. It tells you information just in case you don’t understand a part in the movie. When first hearing that the show will be somewhat continued in the form of a movie, a lot of people were very excited since the show ended back in 2015. The audience found it nice to see their characters once more on their screens. 

“ I was really happy to hear it was coming back because I’ve always loved Phineas and Ferb movies,” junior  Mushtaq Ibrahim said.

The characters also played a unique role in the movie. The movie brought back the most iconic and memorable characters that were mainly on screen during the show. They even included the show’s protagonist in the story.   

“I really loved how they even brought back the main characters, it definitely brought back some memories. I loved it,” Barento added.

Although the audience did like the movie overall, there were still some people that wanted more. For example, one student was a bit disappointed with the story line focusing around Candice, the brothers older sister. Since the show was based on the brother’s point of view instead of the sister’s, it was different for them.

“I was just a little disappointed with the whole story line of Candace so it was different to see her POV,” Barento said. 

 Overall this film was great. The director really did a good job implementing new ideas, while at the same time, trying to keep the same energy from the show. It was also great to see that the sister was now aware of what she’s done over the summer to her brothers and ended up apologizing to them. A lot of people really enjoyed the film and gave it four stars on critic grade.


“Yeah it was very memorable as when I watched as a child but found it was also very predictable which I found funny” , explained Barento.